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At NBA2kLab we attempt to use large sample sizes to draw meaningful conclusions about the differences between NBA2k badge ratings and different tiers of attributes. We take test requests through Twitter. If you are curious how we test shots or what our metrics mean start here. All premium tests are done with our modded controller.

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NBA2k18 Stat Caps

Our NBA2k18 Stat Cap Tool can be found here and our badge comparison tool can be found here.

Have a Question?

We answer all questions through our DMs on Twitter. Check our FAQs first and if your question is not there feel free to send us a message.


Retesting jumpshots after each patch is our number 1 priority. We strive to have the most up to date jumper statistics you can find on the internet. Additionally for premium members you can go to our jumpshot voting page to let your voice be heard on what jumpshots we should test next. That page can be found here. When an Nba2k patch comes out we retest the already completed jumper and then return to this list to start on new jumpers.

Additionally in our retesting we find small changes to jumpers that were not mentioned in the patch notes. For example, with patch 5 2k addressed the constant full white bar releases that were giving good feedback but resulting in a miss. 2k simply relabled these jumpshots as slightly early, there was no change to how the jumpers actually function. Despite the slightly early text displaying the jumpers were still shot with perfect timing.

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