NBA 2K24 Best Finishing Badges : Scooper Badge How to Layup Video

NBA 2K24 Scooper Badge Test

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NBA 2K24 Best Badges: Scooper

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and welcome back to the NBA 2K lab channel in this video we're going to be taking a look at the scooper badge and check out the Boost at each badge level and instead of the intro I'm going to let you guys know that you can get 30% off 2K lab premium by using Code Cyber Monday at checkout this means you unlock instant access to the best jump shots with the largest screen Windows and we also have a bunch of more tools to help improve your game this is 10% more than our usual discount and it only lasts a few days so make sure you take advantage if you're interested in NBA 2k 24 learning to utilize scoop layups is going to be one of the better and more effective ways finish at the rim without dunking if you've been living under a rock layups are very much viable this year and a lot of people are going for minimum dunk thresholds in order to maximize the rest of their build now if you don't know how to do a scoop layup here's the instructions from 2ku all you have to do is move and hold the right stick left or right while driving this move is done without turbo and you can control the scoop hand and animation depending on the direction you push the stick and which side of the basket you're on but now here's the good stuff raising the badge level of scooper also increases the green window size allowing for more forgiving timing here's the Boost and green window size for each badge level and as as you can see having this badge on gold will significantly increase the green window size not to mention you only need a 77 layup to unlock the gold threshold but also be mindful of the other thresholds to unlock your desired layup packages you can find all animation requirements for finishing and ball handling for free at under the tools tab in the sidebar but looking at the boost for this badge we see that the bronze level isn't providing much at all and although having the scooper badge equipped on any level will unlock different scoop animations these animations aren't exactly faster or more effective looking at the silver level we see a pretty noticeable boost but I think you'll feel the most difference at the gold and Hall of Fame levels with the scooper badge having a low layup requirement for all levels it doesn't CA much to hit the highest thresholds and if you're looking to score more with layups targeting scooper on the gold or Hall of Fame level will be well worth the investment a quick tip here though is that you can unlock Jaylen Brown layup package at the hall of fame scooper threshold which is a pretty solid package and is worth trying out now overall scoop layups are really good this year and it's worth learning if you haven't already in order to time your scoop layups as easy as possible you should Target this badge on Hall of Fame which gives a great return since it only requires requires an 84 driving layup gold is also really good and is more of a sweet spot but as I mentioned before just make sure you have enough layup rating to get the layup packages you want now that is all we have for the scooper badge if this video helped you or you found it informative be sure to leave a like on the video it's been spill thank you guys for watching I'm out later