Moving Jumpers

Premium Moving Jumper Data

For these tests we are taking a 200 shot sample every 5mS throughout the green window for a pullup jump shot. These charts tell us which shots are the fastest and most green for each height and build.

You can click on the shot in the table to update the graph below.

To use the table you will need to know which hand your player shoots with. The timings represent a moving shot or pullup where you are fading towards your Main Shooting hand or towards your Off Ball Hand. These shots will have different timings and windows.

Just like with the premium jumpers page you will want to target a moving jumper with a wide green window and high middle and edge make %. If you have a lot of shooting badges prioritize Edge Make %, if you have just a few shooting badges target Middle Make %.

Premium Moving Jumper Table
ShotHandTurbo?HeightSpeedGreen WindowMiddle Make %Edge Make %
Trae YoungOff HandnoUnder 6'57014974.83%29.13%
Trae YoungMain HandnoUnder 6'56515171.08%40.00%
Pro 3Off HandnoUnder 6'108215965.38%20.75%
Pro 3Main HandnoUnder 6'107014967.67%24.63%
NormalOff HandnoUnder 6'107504775.25%28.38%
NormalMain HandnoUnder 6'106815469.83%22.75%
Normal 2Off HandnoUnder 6'108015966.50%26.67%
Normal 2Main HandnoUnder 6'108315863.90%29.08%
Trey BurkeOff HandnoUnder 6'57315976.42%26.50%
Trey BurkeMain HandnoUnder 6'57124871.20%27.00%