NBA 2K24 Best Dribble Styles Tierlist

NBA 2K24 Best Dribble Styles Tierlist

Which Dribble Style is Best in nba2k24?

Dribble styles are not preference. There are advantages to using some packages over others. The speed of the burst you get changes based on your dribble style.

We recommend players use the Kobe Bryant or Kyrie Irving dribble styles if they can unlock them. Magic Johnson and Zach Lavine dribble styles also have make sense on certain builds, the tier list video explains why.

Kyrie Irving's dribble style is the best all around dribble style in NBA 2K24. Dribble style is one of the most important animations for dribbling, just like last year. Your dribble style improves your speedboost, or speed booster animation, so it is crucial to have when wanting to beat your defender. Kyrie requires a 90+ speed with ball.

Now if you didn't hit that 90 speed with ball threshold for more of the elite dribble styles, we got you covered here. if you have an 88 speed with ball, you're in luck. Kobe Bryant has a top tier dribble style for those who went 88 speed with ball but not quite 90.

Additionally, the Pro Dribble style, while pretty basic, gives a solid speed boost running towards the ball hand as well as a decent cross launch animation.

If you would like to see the attribute requirements to unlock each dribble style you can use our Animation Requirements Page to view the requirements for dribble styles and much more.

NBA 2K24 LeBron James Dribble Style

LeBron James Dribble Style in 2k24

LeBron James Dribble Style in 2k24

The LeBron James dribble style is an option for players that did not target high Speed with Ball. This video breaks down how to use the LeBron James Dribble Style to Speed boost and create 3s or dunks.

We typically recommend players target the LeBron James dribble style over the Magic Johnson Dribble style.

Magic Johnson is one of the most popular dribble styles we have so far. He has a very fast cross launch animation that easily beats defenders without effort. Be careful though, his speed boost going towards the ball hand is so slow it's like you are running in mud.

How do I Change my Dribble Style in NBA 2k24?

Changing your dribble style in NBA 2K24 is as easy as purchasing the dribble style you would like to equip from the Playmaking Animations and then going to your animations and equipping the Dribble Style in the playmaking column.

You must purchase the animation AND equip the animation that you just purchased for the dribble style to be applied.

Kyrie Irving Dribble Style in 2k24
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