NBA 2K24 Takeover Guide

NBA 2K24 Takeover Explained

In NBA 2K, the takeover system is a dynamic gameplay feature that enhances the individual strengths and abilities of each player on the virtual basketball court.

When a player performs well in specific aspects of the game, such as scoring, rebounding, or playmaking, their takeover meter gradually fills up. Once the meter is full, the player can select from a list of takeovers, which amplifies their skills and can significantly impact the game.

There are 5 different takeovers to choose from including, Shooting, Finishing, Playmaking, Defense, and Physicals. You can also wait until a second takeover meter fills and get double takeover allowing yourself to choose from 2 of the 5 takeovers, or choosing the same one twice to further amplify its benefits.

NBA 2K24 Takeover Guide

NBA 2K24 How to Unlock Mamba Mentality

There is also a new Mamba Mentality takeover you can earn by completing a couple of quests. Here is how to unlock Mamba Mentality

Here is what active Mamba Mentality looks like in game.

When activated you have every takeover activated at the same time.

This is incredibly helpful, especially for grinding badges.

View our Mamba Mentality Page for more information about the badge.

NBA 2K24 Mamba Mentality Guide
Decelerator Quest at Brickley's Gym in NBA 2k24
  • Head to Brickley's Gym
  • Complete 3v3 Scrimmage
  • Complete 5v5 Scrimmage
Minimizer Quest at The Art of Shooting Facility in NBA 2k24
  • Earn 3 Stars (only once)
Complete the Second Chance Quest at Brickley's Gym
  • Head to Brickley's Gym
  • Get a combination of 50 points between rebounds, assists, blocks and steals during a scrimmage.
Mamba Mentality in 2k24

Which Takeover is Best in NBA 2k24?

S Tier: Sharpshooting

Sharpshooting takeover has been one of the best takeovers to choose from for a few years and that is no different in NBA2K24. It amplifies your shooting allowing you to shoot from further away, hit more contested shots, and gives more leeway on your open shots. A player with sharpshooting takeover active has to be accounted for at all times.

A Tier: Playmaking

Playmaking is very strong as it makes everyone a threat from beyond the arc. You have to play defense tighter which allows the ball handler a little more room to maneuver. A pass from play take to a player with 25 3 and sharp take, can green threes making it a lethal combo.

B Tier: Finishing and Defense

Finishing is still a pretty good takeover, just not quite as strong as last year. It will help widen your green window on meter dunks and timed layups, but it can still be countered by a good defensive center with good positioning. It could be a higher tier for poster scorers as it really helps the success rate of post moves, but it is a niche playstyle and help defense can get there while the animation is playing out.

Defense is decent, but the paint protection doesn't seem to give enough of a boost. If you are out of position, a high dunk build will still dunk on you, and if you are in good position, you should get the stop without take anyway. Also steal is already so strong that you don't really need a takeover to boost it. It does give See the Future for rebounding which is nice, but doesn't always help secure the board.

C Tier: Physicals

Physicals is probably the least used takeover. It does make your player zip around the court a little more quickly, especially while off ball and on defense, but it just doesn't give the same type of benefit as the others. I don't see many situations where I would pick Physicals.

Takeover Meter Filling in NBA 2k24

Here is an example of what your takeover meter will look like when filling in game.

Select Which Takeover to Activate in NBA 2k24
Select Takeover to Activate in NBA 2k24

After filling a takeover bar you will be able to select which takeover to activate. As you can see from the tier list above, we generally recommend Sharp Takeover when choosing.

Select Which Takeover to Activate in NBA 2k24

NBA 2K24 Takeover Perk Tierlist

Takeover Perk Tier List in 2k24

Want to learn more about takeover perks? Watch this video or view the takeover perks page.

NBA 2K24 Best Jump Shot

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