NBA 2K24 Speed, Acceleration and Speed with Ball Guide

NBA 2K24 Speed vs Speed with Ball vs Acceleration

NBA 2K24 Speed, Speed with Ball & Acceleration Guide

Speed applies to how quick your player moves while sprinting at top speed.

Speed with Ball applies to how quickly your player moves with the ball in their hands.

The acceleration attribute determines how quickly your player goes from a complete standstill to running with the ball. Generally, acceleration applies to your first 2 steps with the ball.

What Does Acceleration Do in NBA 2k24?

The first thing to understand about acceleration is that it only applies when the ball is in your hands. This means that acceleration does not apply on the defensive end of the ball at all.

Acceleration only applies to the speed your player goes from a complete stop to running at top speed.

NBA 2K24 Magic Johnson Acceleration Attribute

Getting up to speed generally only takes 2 dribbles, so acceleration only applies during the first 2 dribbles after being at a complete stop.

What does the Speed Attribute do in NBA 2k24?

NBA 2k24 Speed Breakdown

Speed is used to determine how quickly your player will move around the court without the ball in their hands.

For that reason, speed applies on both the offensive and defensive end of the court which makes it a high priority attribute.

NBA 2K24 Speed Attribute Paul George

Is Lateral Quickness Tied to Speed in NBA 2k24?

When Holding L2 / LT on defense, your player will play 'Intense D' and slide horizontally on defense.

The speed at which you slide is not determined by speed. Instead, the speed at which you slide on defense is determined by your lateral quickness stat.

The Lateral Quickness stat is tied to the Perimeter Defense attribute. If you want to slide quicker on defense, you need a higher perimeter defense rating, which will translate to a higher lateral quickness rating.

NBA 2k24 Best Motion Style for Defense

The Kawhi Leonard Motion Style has special defensive slide animation that allows for a 45 degree slide while going backwards and sideways at the same time.

Speed With Ball Attribute In 2K24

Do I Need Speed with Ball in 2K24

Speed with Ball determines the top speed your player will sprint while dribbling the basketball. If you are a primary ball handler, you will want high speed with ball. Bigs and Locks generally do not want to invest a lot of attribute points in speed with ball.

So then what does Ball Handle do in 2k24?

Ball Handle prevents you from getting the ball ripped while dribbling and acts as a gate for different dribbling badges and most of the best dribble animations on 2k24.

NBA 2K24 Best Jump Shot

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