2K24 Which Takeover Perk is Best?

What is the Best Takeover Perk in NBA 2k24?

NBA 2K24 Takeover Perks Guide | Best Takeover Perk

What is the Best Takeover Perk in NBA 2k24?

In our opinion, sponge is the best takeover perk in NBA2K24 for every position. Takeover fills more quickly than past 2ks, and sponge will have it filling up very fast even if you aren't the one contributing. Accelerator and Extender are also very good options

What Takeover Perks are in NBA 2k24?

  • Accelerator - Takeover Meters fill faster when performing well on the court, allowing you to get to Takeover quicker.
  • Decelerator - Slow down how quickly your opponents achieve Takeover if you are guarding them closely.
  • Extender - Extends the length of time that Takeover stays active.
  • Juice - Gives an extra boost to your attributes when Takeover is activated.
  • Minimizer - Opponents activated Takeovers don't last as long when closely guarded.
  • Saboteur - When a guarded opponent commits a turnover or bad shot, their Takeover meter gets a larger penalty.
  • Second Chance - When Takeover is full but not yet activated, making a mistake won't completely reset the meter.
  • Sponge - When a teammate performs an action to increase their Takeover meter, you get a small boost to your own.
  • Stay Warm - Takeover meters won't drain as quickly when performing poorly.
  • Suppressor - Opponents with an active Takeover receive smaller attribute boosts when you are guarding them.

These takeover perks can be earned by completing MyCareer quests in NBA 2k24.

Takeover Details

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