NBA 2k24 Best Jumpshot Green Window

NBA 2K24 Best Next Gen Jumpshot To Get Better at Shooting

We have jumpshot charts on this page showing the make percentage from our tests for each millisecond tested. We are trying to make the best way to practice jumpshots in NBA2k24 without being on your console. Just click on a jumpshot in the table and the graph will populate. This creates a nice bell curve showing the full green window of a shot.

Some shots have a better make percentage when slightly later while some have a better make percentage when slightly earlier. This will also give you the option to get a feel for the jumper timing on the fastest release blend speed (which we always recommend to do) Use a controller via bluetooth or plugged into your pc to test the jumper you selected. We will record the results and show how often you are timing your shot well. This will help show your consistency when getting in the green window

What is the Best Shooting Form for My Build in NBA 2k24?

Use the Jumpshot Suggestion Tool to get recommended the best jumpshot for your build by selecting your position and rating and getting recommended the Meta base and Release for your build in NBA 2k24.

What is the 2k24 Best Big Man Jumpshot?

The Jumper Suggestion tool will give you the answer to this question and questions just like it. If you're looking for the best 75 3pt center jumpshot in 2k24 our jumper suggestion tool is your best bet.

Under 6'5 2k24 Best Jumpshot for Guards

Small guards have access to some of the best jumpers in the game. These players are often the only players with access to really highly rated jumpers. Our jumper suggestion tool will provide you the perfect high rated 3 point shot including 87 3pt shot rating.

Best Jumpshot in 2k24 for 6'6 Meta Builds

Get the Meta jumper for your Meta build

How do we find the Best Custom Jumper in NBA 2k24

Here at NBA2KLab we have been testing various aspects of the NBA2K franchise since 2K17. We do repetitive actions and limit all outside variables that could affect the subject of our test. We have a lot of free data from badge tests, attribute tests, build tools, etc. In order to keep the site alive, we introduced a premium side of the site where we do all of our jumpshot testing.

What does NBA2KLab Premium tell me about the Best Custom Jumper on 2k24 for my build?

We have a few different pages on our premium side of the site. To create a custom jump shot go to our base page and find one for your build then go to our release page and find a release to pair with it.

NBA 2k24 How to improve at shooting jumper table
  • Base - This is the base of the jumpshot tested
  • Release - this the release of the jumpshot tested
  • Min and Max height - In 2k, your height determines which bases and releases you are allowed to equip. These columns on the table can be filtered so you can only see shots your build can use
  • Rating Required - New to 2k24, your 3pt or mid range rating unlocks different shots. A higher rating will give you a wider variety of shots available. This column is also filterable
  • Jumpshot Speed - We find the exact speed for jumpshots to let you know which are the fastest NBA2K, and which are too slow to be viable. The letter grades do not tell the whole story when it comes to shot speeds. An A+ on one jumper can be slower than an A+ on another.
  • Green Window Size - We find the exact window of time where a jumpshot has a chance to be green. You can sort on our table by the jumpshots with the biggest green windows in NBA2K. Shots with bigger green windows have a little more leeway when timing your shot
  • Total Make Percentage - We find the total % of shots that went in from a sample size of 200 jump shots per millisecond for every 5 milliseconds of a green window.
  • Star Rating - Our premium users can rate a jumper out of 5 stars. We show the aggregate rating from all of our users to help show which shots our community likes the most
  • Ratings - How many times a shot has been voted on

The 2KLab Green Window Jumpshot Recommender

Take 10 jumpers and get a custom jumper that aligns with your natural timing OR input your height and rating and get recommended the best jumper for your specific build.

NBA 2k24 Jumpshot Recommender

How to Dribble in NBA 2k24 with the 2KLab Dribble Tool!

Learn how to dribble in 2k24 by plugging in your controller and getting feedback on whether you are doing the inputs correctly in real time.

NBA 2k24 Dribble Tool by NBA2kLab

NBA 2k24 Best Dribble Animation Grades

Our Dribble Expert Koza has been reviewing all the NBA 2k24 dribble animations and grading them to find the most deadly moves to score using dribbles.

NBA 2k24 Dribble Animation Grades
NBA 2K24 Best Jump Shot

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