Skill, Gatorade and Shooting Boosts in NBA 2k24

Boosts are available to purchase with VC which can significantly help improve your play in all areas of the virtual hardwood. 2K offers two different unique sets of boosts with Gatorade and Skill Boosts, let's talk about them quickly.

What do Skill and Shooting Boosts do in NBA 2k24?

During 2k17 the 2K team told the 2K community that skill boosts provided a +5 attribute boost to each category. They then announced that they were changing how boosts worked and they no longer provided a +5 attribute boost but instead provided a percentage based boost that did not impact your attributes.

NBA 2k24 Zion Smart Bottle in NBA 2k24

Skill boosts enhance specific attributes or skills of your player. For example, they might increase your player's shooting accuracy, speed, ball-handling, or defensive capabilities. The boost increase is likely a 5-10% increase to the players base ratings but will not allow the player to unlock in game animations that are gated by attribute requirements.

There are 6 different skill boosts which include Jump Shots, Layups/Dunks, Steals, Blocks, Rebounding and Ball Handling/Passing.

Jump shot skill boosts can provide a noticeable improvement in your make percentage and we recommend always having some for the best chance to make a jump shot.

How long do skill boosts and Gatorade Boosts last in NBA 2k24?

Skill boosts are consumed on a per-game basis. If you have multiple categories of boosts purchased you will use one from each category per game.

NBA 2k24 How long do Gatorade Boosts and skill boosts last?

Are Skill Boosts stackable in NBA 2k24?

Yes, skill boosts stack in NBA 2k24. You can use up to 6 per game.

NBA 2k24 Are Skill Boosts Stackable?

Are Skill Boosts and Gatorade Boosts used in all game modes in NBA 2k24?

Yes, career, park, pro-am, and rec will all consume skill and gatorade boosts.

What do Gatorade Boosts do in NBA 2k24?

In NBA 2k24, stamina plays an important role when it comes to your MyPlayer's overall effectiveness.

There are 3 different Gatorade boosts which all have to do with improving and managing your MyPlayer's stamina.

Having at least 1 of each Gatorade boost will add 1 extra blue bar to your overall stamina bar giving you a total of 2 extra blue bars if you completed your Gatorade Workouts.

Here is What Each Gatorade Boost Category does in 2k24
  • Gatorade Super Shake:
    Slow down energy (Turbo RT) loss by 25%.
  • Gatorade Zero With Protein:
    Recover energy (Turbo RT) 25% faster than normal.
  • Gatorade Thirst Quencher:
    Increase energy (Turbo RT) by 20%.

Where do I buy skill boosts in NBA 2k24?

You can purchase Skill Boosts in NBA 2k24 from the MyCareer menu. Navigate to 'Progression' then to 'Get Boosts'

NBA 2k24 Where do I buy skill boosts?

Where do I buy gatorade boosts in NBA 2k24?

You can purchase Gatorade Boosts in NBA 2k24 from the MyCareer menu. Navigate to 'Progression' then to 'Get Boosts' and make sure you are on the Gatorade tab.

What does the Zion Smart Bottle do in NBA 2k24?

The Zion Smart Bottle makes leveling up your badges easier by providing a 5% boost to your badge progression while doing workouts in the Gatorade Training Facility.

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