NBA 2K24 Hot Zones and Lethal Zones

NBA 2K24 Hot Zones Guide

NBA 2K24 Hot Zones and Lethal Zones

In some NBA 2K games Hot Zones are an absolute must. In 2k24 the 2k team has introduced new Lethal Zones as well that take your shooting percentages to an even high level.

You can see the results of our in depth Lethal, Hot and Cold zone testing in the above video. We set a script to take 200 jumpers every 5 milliseconds throughout the green window of a player in a Hot, Cold and Lethal Zone in 2k24 to see which one shot better. Lethal zones proved to create a massive boost for slightly early and slightly late shots.

How do I get Hot Zones in NBA 2K24?

To get hot zones in NBA 2K24 you need to shoot at least 60% in the paint, at least 50% from Mid, and at least 40% from 3 in each respective area to get the hot zone. You must do this over a 25 game stretch.

How do I get Lethal Zones in NBA 2K24?

In order to obtain lethal zones, you need to do the art of shooting drill. You can select a zone that is already hot, complete the drill, and it will upgrade to a lethal zone which provides a massive shooting boost. If you do not have any hotzones, the drill will turn the neutral zone to hot. You can only have 2 lethal zones at a time and they reset every Sunday at midnight.

2K24 How to get Hot Zones Guide

Do Hotzones Gained in MyCareer Transfer to Park in NBA 2k24?

Yes. Your hot zones in Park, Rec, ProAm and MyCareer are all the same.

How do I get rid of a Cold Zone in NBA 2k24?

If you need to get rid of a cold zone quickly you can lower the difficulty and play a MyCareer Game. You should be able to shoot an incredibly high percentage in one game and remove the cold zone.

Cold Zones cause your player to shoot significantly worse. If you get a cold zone you will want to eliminate it quickly.

How do I check My Hot Zones in NBA 2k24?

You can check your hot zones by scrolling through your park card or looking at your player on the MyCareer Roster and clicking the right stick and then tabbing through the options until you see the hot zones chart.

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