Want to Learn to Dribble?

We have partnered with Koza (@Koza2k on YouTube) to deliver a dribble tutorial designed to take you from no understanding of dribbling to creating 3s using dribble moves in an isolation or pick and roll.

What will I Learn?

The Basic Dribble Moves page has walk throughs of how to complete the 8 foundational dribble moves to make you an effective dribbler in 2k23. We will recommend animations to you and then teach the following moves:

  • Dribble Style
  • Signature Size Up
  • Size Up Escape
  • Moving Crossover
  • Behind the Back
  • Moving Spin
  • Hesitation
  • Stepback
Recommended Animations Basic Dribble Moves Page
NBA 2K23 How to Play Defense

Got the Basics of Dribbling Down?

Our Advanced Dribbling Page has step by step instructions by Koza on how to complete the following moves:

  • Misdirection
  • Asta Slide
  • Crab Cross
  • Left Stick Crab Slip
  • Durant Size Up Spam

Reading the Defense

After finishing learning the basic and advanced dribble moves we will put it all together and read and review 4 defenses from real game play to help you recognize which situation to use which moves.

Need Dribble Moves for a Unique Build?

We have dribble move recommendations for all heights and builds up to 7'0 and as low as 70 ball handle.

Who is Koza?

Koza is a YouTube who specializes in Build and Dribble content. Give his channel a look.

View Koza on YouTube
NBA 2K23 How to Play Defense
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