Choose the Correct Build

What position do you want to play? Are you planning on playing with a squad? Having a squad to run with is a huge asset if you want to win. Planning your builds out together will maximize your chances of winning.

If you play alone mostly but want to play online game modes the easiest way to contribute to wins is to play Big Man. We have recommended big man builds that hit all of the most important break points.

If you are new to the game trying to play PG online will take some time to learn and your teammates will be eager to give up on you quickly if you are running with people you do not know.

For more details on the Best Builds in 2K follow the link below.

If you are running with a squad we have a page for recommended park and proam lineups that will have valuable break points for your squad to target.

Play MyCareer First: Not Just for the Fun of It

This isn't a tip about learning to play first. You need to play MyCareer first to level your player up and unlock higher levels of badges.

If you go straight to the park you will have trouble getting teammates because no one wants to play with an incomplete teammate. If you jump straight into Rec your teammates are likely to avoid giving you the ball because they can tell you are on a brand new build.

NBA 2K24 Which MyCareer NBA Team Should I Choose?

If you are new to the game trying to play PG online will take some time to learn and your teammates will be eager to give up on you quickly if you are running with people you do not know.

NBA 2K24 MyCareer before Park

Choose the Correct Animations for Your Build

Animations are a huge part of 2k and can make or break your build. The most important animations are your jump shot, your dunks packages and your dribble moves but as 2k continues to add new animations like Passing Styles and Motion Styles.

Derrick Rose Best Animations in 2K24

The correct animations will completely change the way you move around the court. Without equipping a Dunk Style your player will not dunk at all. Be sure to understand all the different types of animations that you should be equipping. Some of these do not have default options and will just sit empty if you do not make selections.

Choose the Correct Jumpshot for your Build

Choosing the correct combination of Jumpshot base and release is one of the most important aspects to hitting 3s in 2K24. Using a bad jumper base will make shooting so much harder for you than it needs to be.

To test the different jumpshot bases and releases we have written an automated system that takes 200 jumpers every 5 milliseconds throughout the entire green window of each jumpshots base and release. We then report those results to our premium members so that they can make the best decision about which jumpshot to use on their build.

We have been doing this for the past 5 2Ks now and have built up a following of supporters that find our information to be useful so they keep coming back year over year. Learn more about 2kLab premium and how we test jumpers in 2k24 below. People asking if 2kLab is worth it will find their answer here.

Purchase Skill Boosts and Jumpshot Boosts

Skill boosts can be purchased in the main MyCareer Menu and provide enough of a boost to make them worth spending the VC each game. We generally only recommend buying shooting boosts but if you are on a lock the steal boosts are generally worth it.

You will also want to complete your gatorade workouts so that you have more stamina in game.

Make Sure You Are Using the Correct Settings

There are a couple different settings you will want to change before playing. Make sure your shot meter is off, shot feedback is set to all and shot timing visual cue is preference.

Most players online are using 2K Cam. We recommend that you set your camera angle to 2K Cam and Zoom all the way out.

Sabonis Pass Style Best Settings 2k24

Understand How Offense Works in Online Multiplayer 2K

Offense and Defense in 2k are entirely about spacing. You need appropriate spacing for there to be any kind of offensive flow other than fast break baskets.

If you are playing Park and are in a half court set you will want to always have at least 1 player in a corner. If you run a ISO dominant offense then there should be a player in each corner.

No one wants to stand in the corner but everyone wants to win. You're going to need to understand that the spacing created from being in the corner prevents the defense from playing help defense.

If you are in the paint your defender will be in the paint with you which will put them in perfect position to play help defense on the drive in 2k. Whether you are big or small, if you are standing in the paint your teams offense probably isn't going well and it is your fault.

Additionally, if you are a guard, no one wants your screen. By coming over and setting an ineffective screen all you are doing is creating steal opportunities for the other team. DO NOT, as a guard, set on ball screens.

As a guard it is your job to prevent fast break opportunities for the other team. When a 3 point shot goes up do not go for the rebound. Instead, make sure no one is leaking out past you. You want to stay as long as possible in case there is an offensive rebound kick out opportunity but you do not want to let the other team get further down court than you.

If you try to treat the game play similar to Career your teammates are going to stop giving you the ball.

NBA 2K24 Best Jump Shot

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