NBA 2K24 Rebirth Guide and How to Get Rebirth in 2K24

NBA 2K24 Rebirth Guide

NBA 2K24 Rebirth Guide and How to Get Rebirth in 2K24

Completing the Rebirth quest in 2k24 can be a real time saver on your second build. We generally recommend getting your first build to 90 and rebirthing as the best option for a 2nd MyPlayer. This video has all the details about how to rebirth in 2k24 and what exactly it is.

You can use your Rebirth for multiple builds and receive the benefits every time. We recommend getting your first build to 90 overall before making a second build and then use the rebirth option for every build you make going forward.

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What is Rebirth in 2K24?

The Rebirth Quest in 2k24 will allow you to create a new build that will offer you the Rebirth option with a max overall of 90 immediately instead of 85.

NBA 2K24 Rebirth

Additionally, all badges will start at the Silver level instead of Bronze if you meet the attribute requirements. However, these silver badges are not floor set to silver and can drop to bronze over time.

Finally, you get an additional 5% progression bonus towards badge levels which can save a ton of time on upgrading your badges.

What is Rebirth 2.0 in 2K24?

Rebirth 2.0 in 2k24 will allow you to create a new build that will offer you the Rebirth option with a max overall of 99 immediately instead of 90 or 85.

Rebirth 2.0 is unlocked by Reaching Veteran 2 status in MyCareer, Park, ProAm and Rec. Veteran 2 is not something that casual NBA 2k players will achieve.

Additionally, with Rebirth 2.0 you get a 10% boost towards badge level progression compared to a 5% badge progression boost with Rebirth 1.0. This boost will make maintaining your badge levels a little bit easier after completing Rebirth 2.0.

NBA 2K24 Rebirth 2.0 Guide

How Do I Use Rebirth in 2K24?

After completing the Rebirth quest in 2k24 you will be prompted about whether you want to use Rebirth when creating a new player. All you need to do is say yes to that prompt and you will get the benefits from Rebirth.

How Do You Unlock Rebirth in 2K24?

First you talk to Ronnie 2K on the beach where he will give you a rebirth quest. The quest will be to reach 90 Overall on a MyPlayer. After you do that, go back to talk to Ronnie and you will have Rebirth unlocked for all future builds. Rebirth lets your potential attributes get to 90 Overall on all new builds. Also, every badge starts at a Silver level and you get a 5% level progression boost to badges. You also get 3,000 VC for completing the quest. This is a great feature to unlock if you ever decide to make another build.

Where is Ronnie2k for Rebirth in NBA 2k24?

To Find Ronnie click on the Rebirth quest and it will put a yellow marker on Ronnie. Ronnie is located under the 3v3 beach courts at the bottom middle of the map. Go past the volleyball courts and Ronnie2k will be located in the rocks.

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