NBA 2K24 MyTeam Card Jumper Database
NameCard RatingSpeedGreen WindowEarly AvgLate AvgTotal AvgEarliest PureLatest PureStar Rating# of Ratings
MyTeam Jumper Data

For these tests we are taking a 200 shot sample every 5mS throughout the green window for a shot. These charts tell us which shots are the fastest and most green while ignoring the Very Quick, Quick, Normal, Slow, Very Slow system in place.

By using this chart you should be able to find 5 players who shot timing speeds are exactly the same or very similar to simplify shooting in MyTeam.

What do the Columns Mean?

Speed: The earliest timing a shot can result in a green. A lowew number results in a quicker shot which means it is easier to get shots up before the contest arrives.

Green Window: The Earliest possible green timing through the latest possible green timing. A wider window is better.

Early Average: The rate shots in the first 1/3 of the green window go in.

Middle Average: The rate shots timed right in the middle of the green window go in.

Late Average: The rate shots timed in the final 1/3 of the green window go in.

Earliest Pure: Earliest 100% Make Rate.

Latest Pure: Latest 100% Make Rate.