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NBA 2K24 Theater Game Mode

The theater was introduced in NBA2K22 and has been a staple in 2K ever since. There are 3 different game modes that rotate weekly, resetting on Fridays. They could be limited to squads only, no squads, matchmaking, or even just a certain affiliation. They generally have a random rule, like scoring by 1s and 2s or a 12 second shot clock, or blocks are worth a point or something. There is also one game mode, 3v3 no squads that is a staple in the theater each week. You can earn rep, badge progression, MyPoints, and season XP just like in Park. Everything does count towards your park record/stats

NBA 2k24 Jokic Plays Theater Mode NBA 2k24

Modes vs AI: MyCareer NBA 2K24

MyCareer is the standard NBA season storyline where you play through an NBA season as a rookie with your MyPlayer. As you advance through the season you can complete quests that give you a little more power within your organizations and unlock special prizes like the “Goat” head that can only be earned in MyCareer.

This mode is great for grinding badges or even just attribute xp. Our best xp grinding method would be to go to the wing, call for a screen, drive and wait until the defender steps up, and throw a lob to the cutter. This works really well with teams with good Lob Threats. See this article for more detail. If you play on Hall of Fame difficulty on 12 minute quarters, you can easily gain over 100k MyPoints towards your overall.

Modes vs AI: Streetball

This mode is new to NBA2K24 and it happens to be my favorite place to level badges. There are three different streetball areas, The Yard, Sunset Park, and The Point where you can play 3v3 streetball games.

At these locations, you will have daily and weekly challenges where you can earn extra XP, VC, and other bonus rewards.

NBA 2K24 AI vs AI

There are 18 captains/bosses you can recruit by defeating their squad. You also can unlock special takeover perks by completing side quests through the streetball courts.

There is a new win condition called Shut It Down where you can win the game instantly regardless of the score. If you have a 5 point lead you will start filling the Shut it Down meter by doing flashy plays like throwing oops, chaining dribble moves together before scoring, postering someone, among other special moves.

I like to go to Sunset Park and play against Disco over and over for badge grinding. He is about 5'9 so it is very easy to score over him. Nearly every shot registers as an “Open” contest. This mode is on an easier difficulty as well.

NBA 2K24 Park Game Mode

Park or “The City” is the quintessential online game mode as it has been around since NBA2K14 and is the most popular mode along with rec. At the Park, you will play vs real people in either a 3v3 or 2v2 mode. These modes are the first to 21, win by 2, but the first to 25 will win the game no matter what. 2v2 is Make it Take it while 3v3 alternates possessions after scores.

There are a few no squad's courts available if you do not have friends to play with, but squads can easily get on the got next spots while not grouped up. There are special quests just for the city through affiliations that will reward you with VC or special clothing items. Each game will also earn you anywhere from 100-400 VC depending on your performance.

NBA 2K24 Rec Game Mode

The rec has been rising in popularity the past few years as this mode most resembles basketball. It is 5v5 with four 5 minute quarters. These games are often intense and closely mirror the atmosphere of real-life pickup basketball, complete with player positions, teamwork, and tactics. Players can earn experience points, level up their characters, and unlock various cosmetic and gameplay-related rewards.

There are two doors you can enter, one is no squads where everyone is solo. The game will matchmake you with random teammates fulfilling each position based on those players' builds. The other door is for people who had friends in a squad. You can join with a full 5 stack, or 4 people and 1 AI, or 3 people and get matched with another duo. Or 2 people and get matched with another trio.

Rec is generally considered the best place to earn Rep, Badge progress, season XP and MyPoints of the online pvp game modes

NBA 2K24 Starting 5 Mode

Making its debut in NBA2K24, Starting 5 is an online, 1v1, head-to-head mode where you'll challenge others using a team made up of your MyPLAYER and four other NBA players. Each game you'll choose a team and slot yourself into the starting lineup alongside some of the NBA's biggest names. The style of play feels like a standard MyCAREER game but allows you to play online and get in the game quickly by yourself.

NBA 2K24 ProAm 3v3 Game Mode

This game mode is just like park, but you have to have a pro am team and you can only match up against other full squads. It is matchmaking so you don't have to hop around different courts and wait for games to finish. You can customize your court, logo, team name, and jerseys. Your Pro Am 3v3 record/stats are in a different category than your park stats.

NBA 2K24 Klay Thompson ProAm 3v3 Builds

NBA 2K24 ProAm 5v5 Game Mode

Pro am 5v5 is NBA2K's competitive mode for 5v5 basketball. Just like 3v3, you can customize your name, logo, jerseys, and court. It will be matchmaking where you play other Pro Am Squads. You must have a full 5 to start the matchmaking. You can do private matches and match up with another team you know by entering the same password when you search. There are league nights where record is tracked and normal hours where you play unranked pro am.

Where are the Cages in NBA 2k24?

The cages are now part of the rotating game modes in the Theater. They are not always available to play.

NBA 2K24 Best Jump Shot

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