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NBA 2K24 Best 3 Point Ratings

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and welcome to the NBA 2K lab channel in NBA 2k 24 shooting hasn't exactly been the easiest for everybody which has a lot of people wondering what three-point rating they need to hit consistently so in this video we're going to take a look at every three-point rating from 60 all the way to 99 and show each attributes make percentage throughout the green window this type of information is a great resource when deciding on a three-point rating for your next build and it's one of our most in-depth tests as we took over 19,000 shots so if you enjoy this type of content leave a like let's see if we can get this video to 5,000 likes if you're new to the Channel be sure to subscribe let's get right into [Music] it now we could have made a bunch of videos for different three-point ratings but instead we decided to put the make percentages of 12 different three-point ratings in one video so from the low rated to the high rated three-point jump shots and everything in between we got you guys covered now before we get into the graph I wanted to quickly explain Why Shooting is Harder in NBA 2k24 shooting if you feel like shooting is harder this year it's mainly because the effective green windows are smaller making shot timing less forgiving but on the other hand mle make percentages are much higher which essentially created a shooting skill Gap rewarding players for great timing even with low ratings but you'll see as we go through the chart that you can definitely shoot at lower ratings somewhat consistently but that effect of green window expands pretty drastically as you get to a higher rating now for this extensive test we How we Tested Shot Rating in NBA 2k24 took 200 shots for every 5 milliseconds throughout the green window for 12 different ratings from 60 to 99 that's a total of 19,200 shots all without badges we exclusive L use Eric Pascal based with a custom release but when you see the chart it's best to focus on the differences in make percent at each rating the particular green window in Best Custom Jumpshots on NBA 2k24 this custom jump shot happens to appear early in the release but some jump shots may have a better make percentage in the middle or later in the release there's so many variables that come into play with different jump shot bases and releases and finding a jump shot can be tough which is why a lot of people subscribe to our premium service at premium members have complete access to a growing list of jump shot bases and releases for all builds with data on green window sizes jump shot speeds and even early average and late make percentages we also have base and release ratings voted on by our community to let you know which ones people are liking the most there's even more to NBA 2K lab premium and it's typically $7.99 a month but I pulled some strings with the big guy Sean and he's letting me give the first 50 people who sign up to NBA 2K lab premium 50% off by using the promo code 3 our usual discount is 20% so if you've ever been on the fence this is the perfect opportunity but let's get back to these ratings for now I'm going to work in Shooting with a Low 3 Point Rating in NBA 2k24 this 595 to 600 millisecond range as it's the most effective part of this green window offering the best make percentages for every rating starting with a 60 and 65 3-point rating a 60 is actually pretty makeable with no badges as we can see a make percentage of roughly 56% in the most effective part of this green window but when you increase your three-point rating to a 65 there's a pretty noticeable difference moving back to 595 milliseconds a 63-point rating drops to a 47% make percentage while a 65 rating at the same timing has a make percentage of 66% which is about 19% higher so if you are ever considering making a low three ball build I don't recommend going lower than 65 and by no means am I saying it's easy to shoot at this rating I'm just saying you can if you have great timing now Shooting with a 65 to 80 3 Point Rating in NBA 2k24 moving up to the 65 to 80 range they're all pretty bunched up around the 70% Mark but with perfect timing an 83-point rating with no badges can hit at about a 76% clip that's 10% better than a 65 rating about 6% better than a 70 and 3% better than a 75 so for a lot of people targeting a 763 ball for bronze agent and silver Corner specialist it seems that there's pretty decent value there the higher ratings is where it gets interesting though for this section we have ratings of 85 90 95 and then everything else up to 99 as you can see an 85 3point rating with perfect timing has about the same make percentage as High 3 Point Rating NBA 2k24 the low to high 90s as it's only off by anywhere from 1 to 3% keep in mind we're only looking at the early part of the window which is the most effective part of the green window and you'll start to see bigger differences at different timings but this 85 rating is accessible by every player height in 2K and maybe that's a part of why they made it so valuable especially being unlock for bronze Limitless range looking at 605 to How Good is Each 3 Point Rating in NBA 2k24 610 milliseconds this is where every rating really starts to see the window change and at this point looking at the make percentages is key here at 610 milliseconds the 60 or 65 3-point ratings drop below 30% and percentages in general start to tank as anything below a 93o rating has a make percentage of less than 50% this brings up my point of the green Windows being far less forgiving at lower ratings even though they can still be pretty effective I'm not going to talk about every rating here but even though ratings under 90 are hitting below 50% at those timings don't forget that with Badges and things like dier and some takeover builtup these percentages can be easily raised for the higher ratings at this timing a 95 3-pointer is still seeing pretty harsh timing Effects by hitting at a 60% clip which isn't bad but a 96 3-pointer for reference is 10% higher at a 70% make with the same timing that's a pretty significant boost a 95 3point rating while I'm sure is great just doesn't seem to have value in terms of making a build while 96 and up offer some really good badge thresholds and are just better in terms of the effect of green window now this particular base that we tested has a green window of 29 milliseconds and right now we're getting to the later edge of the green window but here's what really separates these higher ratings from the lower ones for most ratings even at 95 and below the effective green window has essentially been cut off at the 615 millisecond Mark making it extremely tough if not impossible to hit a shot at this timing but ratings 96 and up still have a decent success rate especially if you include Badges and takeover but at 620 milliseconds right before the green window ends you can see why a 99 3point rating costs so much because even the latest part of the effect of green window is still hitting at a 70% clip that's 14% higher than a 98 22% higher than the 97 33% higher than than a 996 and a whopping 64% better than a 95 rating which is why I believe 95 rating offers minimal value looking at this specific chart in its entirety there's plateaus and dips every other 5 milliseconds which seems to balance out the effectiveness of the three-point ratings while still allowing lower ratings to shoot when it comes to Raw make percentage though I wouldn't go much lower than 65 if you want to be able to hit 75 provides decent value as well as the next step up and then 85 is one of the best thresholds until about 96 or so and again I'm just talking about the effective green window and this is all with no badges but When selecting a three-point rating maybe for your next build keep this chart handy and be mindful of the shooting badge thresholds to make sure you're getting the best value out of your build because these three-point attributes are extremely expensive we actually have more to do as we're still testing low 80s and low 90s But be sure to leave a like for part two and don't forget the first 50 people to sign up on NBA 2K lab premium using code 3 will get a 50% discount costing less than $4 for access to our entire jumpshot database and much more but aside from that I do appreciate you all for watching it's been spilium and I'm out