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Video Transcript:
in today's video you're going to take your new gen controller and plug it in at to learn how to green your dribble moves from simple to Advanced Combos and you will also learn to green your Shots by knowing the exact milliseconds you're actually shooting at with real time feedback and then you're going to go to our database and pick the best base for your height and rating and then you're going to work on that shop with your controller so you can see exactly how much you can green with it now it took us a lot of time to develop these tools but we did it for you guys because we understand we play the game to Green our shots but when we don't green them we don't really get helpful feedback especially with this year's game where the green window is much smaller compared to previous year it really is necessary to know exactly what millisecond you might be shooting at out of habit and when it comes to improving your dribble moves especially from a beginner's level practicing alone is hard because you don't know if you're Greening the moves so grab your controller plug it in your computer and let me show you how to green your dribble moves get the exact timing for your shots and work on Greening it so let's begin by coming to NBA and How to Access Tools selecting either the jump shot recommended tool or the dribble PR practice to make sure to sign up for premium first and thank you for supporting us so we can continue to do what we love for you guys we'll start off looking at our brand new dribble practice tool first to help you green your moves but if you like to see jump shot tool first you can skip ahead to that time stamp so after you have How to Green Dribble Moves Tool selected the dribble practice tool this page will pop up make sure your controller plugged in and you'll see a variety of moves you can select now we're going to start off with the simple as a demo so we're going to pick behind the backat once you have selected that you can see with the controller plugged in the move will actually begin to play out with demo turned on if you tap triangle demo is on so this is a demonstration of the move holding turbo and flicking the right stick diagonal down right and you can also see underneath the demo on button there's a left dribble button if you tap square that means the ball is starting in the left hand and if you tap it it will switch the ball hand so it's starting from the opposite hand so now the move if you see the demo is going to be reversed Now demo is great but you can actually do this yourself so if you tap triangle you will now turn demo off and now you can do the inputs yourself to see if you're green it so I have the ball set to the left dbo and all I got to do is hold turbo fck it diagonal down right and I'm doing the move correctly because I'm timing it correctly now let's go take it up a notch and do a more complicated move such as in this direction you can see with this one there are multiple inputs so let's look at the Demo First always look at the demo so you can see how the move is paced out to do it correctly once you have seen it you can turn demo off and now you can do it yourself you can see as I'm doing it initially here I'm kind of rushing through the timing and I'm not getting it right so I'm not Greening the moves if the timing and pacing is incorrect so the input is wrong the progress bar will not finish so you're essentially not Greening your dribble moves only if you're comboing and doing all the moves correctly with your stick inputs be green so here you can see I have settled down and now I'm doing the misdirection correctly and I'm Greening the moves developing this tool for you guys took a lot of trial and error and hours so please give us some feedback to let us know how you feel about it now Jumpshot Timing Tool keep that controller plugged in and let's work on shooting so head over to the jump shot recommended tool and you can select your height for your build so in this case I'm going to select 6 full and you can also pick a three point rating so I'm going to select 92 and with the controller plugged in and make sure you're not on the Safari browser you can now begin to start taking shots and as you shoot them you're going to get real time feedback down to the millisecond on how you're performing so no more slightly late slightly early you're going to know exactly what millisecond you're shooting at and after you have taken 10 shots we actually give you your average shot timing in milliseconds after the outliers are removed and will also provide you with a recommended base along with releases that goes perfectly with the timing you have just performed over those 10 shots now keep your controller plugged in let's take this a step further head over to jump shot bases so you can see a database full of green window stats of the shot bases in the game and since you recommended Curry let's head over there Jumpshot Database + Shooting Practice Tool and search for his base and it's going to pop up so we're going to select it so now we know the green window size the speed and his early and middle and late averages and if we select right over the graph you can see the exact make percentage down to each millisecond by 5 millisecond increments so this is very important because as we see Curry shot is at its best between 563 to 568 that's when this 90% plus make percentage so with your controller still plugged in let's get that timing down so we can green this Curry base so you can start taking shots as many as you like you can take way more than 10 and you can see the exact millisecond you're performing so you know if you're getting your shot in the green window and you can train yourself get the muscle memory down and you can literally take as many as 30 60 even hundreds of shots until you're confident with your timing and you can always see how you're performing with any base you have selected as long as you have your controller plugged in so Outro hopefully these toos can help you guys improve your quality of life in 2K and thank you for considering to signing up if you already haven't signed up for premium and as always thank you for supporting us if you have it allow us to do what we do and also keep providing the free content that we do every year for everyone on YouTube Tik Tok inam and even Twitter now I haven't slept for 32 hours I love you guys and I appreciate all of you but I'm going to head to bed and uh I'll speak to you guys again very soon