NBA 2K24 Best Camera Settings

What are all the camera modes in 2k24?

  • 2K Cam
  • 2K Low
  • Baseline
  • Broadcast
  • Broadcast Zoom
  • Drive
  • High
  • Nosebleeds
  • On-Court
  • Parametric
  • Rail
  • Rail High
  • Side
  • Skybox
  • Swivel

Which 2K Cam is best NBA 2K24?

In NBA2K24, your camera setting is a very important piece to help improve your game. You want to have the best camera angle to fully see what's happening on the court around you. We highly recommend using the 2K camera for every game mode. The Zoom and Height is personal preference, but I would start with 1 on Zoom and 10 on Height. You can tweak these settings as you see fit. This camera angle helps see exactly what the defense is doing, the angles you have on passing lanes, rebound trajectories, and how close defenders truly are. If you view any 2k content online, there is a 95% chance it will be on 2K cam.

There are some downsides to 2K cam though, it does take a little getting used to as you are used to viewing basketball in the standard broadcast view. Also, when you flip from offense to defense or vice versa, the camera will “flip” giving you half a second of not seeing the action very well. At the end of the day, this is the best camera angle for viewing the game.

What is the difference between 2k Cam vs 2K Low on 2K24?

If the standard 2K cam is too zoomed out for you, another option is 2K low which gives the same viewing experience, but it's a little closer to the player which makes it easier to see visual cues when shooting.

How to Change Camera Settings on 2K24?
  1. When you are in a game, press start then go to Camera
  2. Here can you hit L1/R1 or LB/RB to cycle through the different camera styles
  3. After that you can customize that style by changing the different settings such as Zoom, Height, Flipstyle, etc
  4. Once you find the setting you like, hit O or B to back out, and select Yes to save the setting for all game modes.
How to Change Camera in Park, Rec, or ProAm in 2k24?
  1. During the game, press right on the d-pad to change the camera
  2. Cycle through the different options by pressing L1/R1 or LB/RB
  3. You cannot change the full settings in these modes, you must do these in a MyCareer game or in Play Now
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