NBA 2K25 News and Updates

NBA 2K25 Release Date and Demo

NBA 2K25 will release in September of 2024. When the exact date is announced we will update this date. It is unclear whether NBA 2k25 will have a demo at this time.

NBA 2K25 Cover Athlete

First Cover Athlete Hint

2k seems to be hinting that Jayson Tatum may be the 2k25 cover athlete.

NBA2Ks Tweet about Jayson Tatum

When the NBA 2K25 Cover Athlete is announced we will include all the details here.

NBA 2K25 Cover Athlete Predictions

Our Top 3 predictions for NBA 2K25 cover athletes::

  1. Jayson Tatum
  2. Luka Doncic
  3. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

NBA 2K25 Blog Posts by 2K

As the 2k development team begins to release their yearly blog posts detailing the game, we will link them here.

NBA 2K25 Soundtrack

When the 2K25 Soundtrack is announced we will include the tracklist here.

NBA 2K24 Best Jump Shot

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NBA 2K25 Wishlist

Here are the changes we are hoping are implemented to improve 2k25.


2K24 brought two new mechanics with the blowout dribbles and the breakdown dribbles. Both were useful, especially the blowout dribbles for bigs, but there could be some improvements.

We also would love to see a dribble animation creator similar to the dunk style creator. Imagine being able to pick certain animations out of packages to really create your own style. For example, you would be able to choose Murray standing behind the back and use something like Pro moving behind the back to eliminate the weaker animations.


  • Remove or nerf the whistle badge. It was a nice idea, but the execution makes the badge a little too strong.
  • Remove height cap for badges.
  • If floor setters are coming back, it would be nice to be able to change them if needed. Floor Setter UI needs a little more work to visibly see what badge you are floor setting when prompted.
  • Bring back certain badges from past 2Ks such as Glue Hands to help with bad catches.
  • Allow big men 6'10+ to unlock at least Silver Limitless Range as Porzingis shoots from there regularly at a high clip.
  • Bring back certain personality badges that provide slight effects through the progression of MyCareer like Alpha Dog, etc.
NBA 2K25 Wishlist


We believe the builder is in one of the best states it has been in in years. They are making minor improvements with each new iteration of 2k, but there are still things that could be improved.

I understand why they make the attribute costs different for each height, but they need to look at exactly how they weigh each attribute. Each year the community quickly finds the meta heights because they just get more attributes than other builds with a similar height. This year was obviously the 6’6, and in the past you had the 6’9s. Hopefully they are taking a harder look next year so we can have some more variety at launch.

The build name system could use an overhaul. It seems like most builds came out to be some sort of 3-Level Threat this year, and it gets a little old having the same name over and over. I really liked the replica build system that gave unique names, so that is one option to bring back.

But I think a new system that dynamically changes the build name as you upgrade your build could be really cool. For example, you start as a 60 overall, so your name is a prospect. If you put everything into block early, you become a shot blocking prospect. It would take a lot of work to come up with an algorithm for this, but it could be cool to have in a future NBA2K game.

A big change I would love to see is some sort of way to respec or change your attribute cap potential after making a build, whether it's through workouts, or drills, or some sort of challenge. You would have to lose potential in one category in order to gain in another. But this would help with builds that you nearly made perfect, but don’t love exactly how you made it and wish you could make a slight change. I know I am guilty of remaking a build just to raise a certain attribute or get rid of one that I never utilize.

Another change for the builder would be to show which animations your build can get while on the builder screen. It could be a separate tab if needed. It would be great if you could even pick the animations you want before testing the build in the 3v3 or 5v5 tester. We do have all the animation requirements on our site, but it would be convenient to have it in the game as well.

Have less of a tether of attributes to each other. I would love to make a build that's a quick straight line dribbler in the open court, but not necessarily great at dribble moves, but I have to increase ball handle in order to increase speed with ball, which is very expensive the upgrade and makes my builder weaker in other areas I would like to be strong in.

Maybe bring back some old attributes and separate moving 3 pointers and standing 3 pointers. Could create more unique builds

We should be able to make female MyPlayers for Park/Rec game modes.


Passing needs a rework. Higher pass acc doesn’t feel nearly as worth it compared to the cost. The quicker passes are nice, but there needs to be another benefit. Too many times my player will pass off the chest of the player in front of me. Need more animations that pass around a defender. Also dribble hand offs should be added to the game, especially with them becoming such a staple in NBA offenses with players like Jokic, Sabonis, and Sengun.


2k is very committed to the idea of the city, but it is still too large. If they want that same feel, I think something like 2k19/20 where all the stores and buildings surrounding the park courts would be better. They need to make the park courts a separate instance than the city though to make sure park players can get games.

The park courts need better lighting to eliminate the shadows that engulf the courts.

I would love to see multiple rec courts in different locations. The new court design per season is cool, but the same rec center gets stale. NBA Live had the environment done right with the different court locations. It doesn't have to be real locations, but a 5v5 court in a Rucker or Venice Beach type of location would be amazing.


Would love for 2k to bring back the ability to look at past box scores via your phone so you can see what builds players were using. I know this was disabled because of crossplay, but if they can figure out how to bring it back, it was a very nice feature.

Ranked ProAm needs a little revamping to make grinding wins more worth it. They could introduce higher VC rewards for winning that increases the higher division you win in. Give out skill boosts for wins. Unique home court and uniform colors/designs the higher your rank is. They could have a fan factor. The higher your rank is, the more fans go to your games and could give bonuses in tight games. Fans could cheer louder and make opponent Free Throws harder, or slightly lower opponent attributes or increase the home team attributes in the clutch. Unique clothing from being in the top 10 of the leaderboard could be an option. Weekly or Monthly Pro Am tournaments built within the game that give rewards would be cool as well.

I think we should be able to have a custom shoe store. Players could design their own custom shoes and allow other users to buy them. (they could even get a small cut of the VC) Users should be able to upvote the shoes they like to push them to the top of the list.

We should get an increase in the amount of builds we can make. I know it won’t affect the majority of users, but a limit of 10 seems too small.

Season rewards need a revamp. It’s basically the same rewards every season (Lots of transportation rewards). Could introduce ways to respec builds or encourage making new ones (discounted builds)

The stats per build in the rec center starting screen are great, but could be taken a step further. I would love to see those stats in the menu outside of the rec. It would be cool to see win percentage per build and per game mode (Solo rec vs full squad vs partial squad) in addition to the overall stats.