NBA 2K24 Layup Inputs

NBA 2K24 Layup Controls

NBA 2K24 Layup Controls

Get the full details for how to complete every different type of layup in NBA 2k24 and the best layup packages here.

High layup builds are more viable than ever this year, however, you will need to take the time to learn the various inputs and the situations that you should use each one.

Scoops and floaters are very usable this year if you are crafty but we do not recommend skipping dunk entirely.

If you find yourself in a backdoor cut situation, you are going to want to have dunk instead of layup to finish.

NBA 2K24 Best Layup Packages and Recommended Layup Animations

Here are the best layup packages in NBA 2K24 for guards, wings, and bigs. These are our recommended layup packages for each position in nba 2k24.

  • Small Guards
    • Russell Westbrook
    • Steph Curry
  • Wings
    • DeMar DeRozan
    • Jimmy Butler
    • LeBron James
  • Bigs
    • Domantas Sabonis
    • Nikola Jokic

If you do not qualify for the recommended layup package don't sweat it, it's just layups, dunk it instead. It is not a great year for layups, especially contact layups. There are a few situations where layup is good enough but in most cases you want to be able to dunk it or your PG will never call your cut.

How to Get More Contact Layups in NBA 2k24?

If you want contact layups you will need to turn on layup timing but not the layup meter.

In 2K24 Fearless Finisher is your best weapon for getting more contact dunks. You will want to equip this badge on at least silver but higher will lead to more contact dunks.

You typically want to avoid contact layups in NBA 2k24 but sometimes nothing can be done.

How to do Scoop Layup in 2K24?

Without holding turbo, while driving towards the basket press your right stick to the right or to the left.

You can take scoop layups to both the left or the right depending on the situation.

If you want to attempt Scoop Layups make sure you equip the Scooper badge .

Steph Curry How to Scoop Layup in NBA 2k24

How Do I Hopstep Layup in 2K24?

Hold turbo and drive towards the basket. Point right stick down and towards the offball hand. After the hop occurs, release turbo for the hop layup or continue to hold turbo for the hop dunk.

How Do I make Floaters and Runners in 2K24?

Without holding turbo, point the right stick straight down while driving towards the basket.

You will want to make sure you have the Float Game Badge equipped if you want to attempt these.

How Do I make Normal Layups in 2K24?

Without holding turbo, point the right stick straight up while driving towards the basket.

How to Euro Layups in NBA 2k24?

Without holding turbo, double tap the Square / X button and point left stick towards the basket.

You can also press the right stick down and left or down and right without holding turbo for a euro layup.

If you like taking Euro Layups you will want to equip the Two Step badge.

How to Euro Layup in NBA 2k24

How to make Reverse Layups in NBA 2k24?

Without holding turbo, while driving right to left point the right stick to the right. If driving left to right point the right stick to the left.

Equip Acrobat if you intend to add reverse layups to your bag.

NBA 2K24 Controls Guide

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