Custom Jumpers 2K23

Premium Jumper Table 2K23

Check the checkbox to view more details about the shot or check multiple to compare.

BaseRelease 1Release 2Min HeightMax HeightBlendingRating Req
SpeedGreen WindowMiddle Make %Edge Make %Star RatingRatings
Premium Jumper Data

For these tests we are taking a 200 shot sample every 5mS throughout the green window for a shot. These charts tell us which shots are the fastest and most green while ignoring the new A, B, C and D system in place.

You can click on the shot in the table to update the graph above. When comparing multiple graphs the X Axis labels will not update for then 2nd shot, it will maintain the X axis from the first shot you put on the chart and provide a comparison of make percentage as if the shots had the same speed.

What do the Columns Mean?

Speed: The earliest timing a shot can result in a green. A lowew number results in a quicker shot which means it is easier to get shots up before the contest arrives.

Green Window: The Earliest possible green timing through the latest possible green timing. A wider window is better.

Middle Make %: The rate perfectly timed shots go in.

Edge Make %: The rate shots timed at the edge of the green window will result in a green.

How do I use this tool?

First select 1 or more shots by clicking their checkbox. You can then view their make rate on the line graph to easily compare multiple releases or custom shots.

After picking the shot you would like to test connect a controller via Bluetooth or USB cable and make sure the shot you would like to test is the most recent box checked on the table.

You can then begin taking shots by pressing X/Square and the timings will begin popping up on the screen.

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