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Best Custom Jumpshots in 2K

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2K24 Best Custom Jumpers

Video Transcript:
so recently we've asked you guys to send us your custom jump shots so we can test them for you with our new green window testing method and you guys definitely came through so thank you for sending those in and we were able to take a bunch of them and test them and actually add the results to our premium custom jump shot page and in this video we'll show you guys the data we got from one of these Customs which is the Brunson Bas with Jerry West and Dame release with 28 to 72 blending with Max Speed we also encourage you to leave a comment of your custom jump shot in this video so we can test it and add it to our database for you I will also select a few of them from the comment section so I can show you guys the data in future videos if you would like to see all of them you can also sign up at NBA so with the addition of the pure green window this year there's actually no longer RNG in shooting but this doesn't mean you can shoot based solely off musle memory either because the pure green window actually moves now how much your pure green window moves depends on your animations and a bad cach animation like this this year is really going to do you in so with that in mind let's break down our new testing method and the results so here here we test it using the same millisecond timing for 200 straight shots every 5 millisecond but let's focus on 566 milliseconds for this custom which is kind of the edge where the changing animations can begin to negatively affect this jump shot during those 2566 millisecond shots tested the pure green window for the animation was actually slightly sooner 58% of the time however that means the remaining percentage of that sample the P Green window was actually later but for the previous portion of 571 milliseconds to 581 Mill second the green window is pure and you will green 100% of the time if you get your shot in that timing for this jayen Bren custom any timing that's sooner or later with a slight change in catch and ball animations it can cause you to miss so to put it in simpler terms this 100% portion will call the pr green window while these Edge portions will call a potential green window and your potential green window improves as your ratings and badge level goes up selecting certain combinations though of bases or releases on your custom jump shot can also improve both your p and potential green windows and here is another custom jump shot we tested being compared to the Brunson custom which is represented by the blue line and as you can see the other custom being represented by the brown line is much better than the Brunson shot even though the Brown Line shot causes you free less attribute points in the free point category so if you want your custom jump shot test the bias just leave it in the comment section and I'll go ahead and do those uh if you want to see all of them you can sign up at to see the results however I will also take a couple of them and put them back in the YouTube video video so I can show it to you guys here over the course of the year so as always thanks for coming by make sure to go to to see more information and tools and tips on 2K 24 and I look forward to speak to you guys again very soon