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NBA 2k24 Best Rebounding Guide

Rebounding in NBA 2K24, much like real basketball, requires a combination of timing, positioning, and an understanding of the game's mechanics. To excel in this aspect of the game, consider the following tips

Positioning: The Fundamental Key to Rebounding

Excellent positioning is the foundation of successful rebounding. The primary goal is to anticipate where the ball will bounce off the rim and position your player in that area. Typically, standing between your opponent and the basket is a great starting point. Understanding the tendencies of your opponents can help you predict the most likely rebounding angles.

How to Rebound in 2K24

Box Out: Create Space and Gain Position

Employing the box out feature can be a game-changer when it comes to positioning. To initiate a box out, simply hold the left trigger (LT/L2 on your controller). This action places your player between the opponent and the basket, making it easier to secure the rebound when the shot is taken. Utilize this technique to maintain control over your position and create space.

Anticipate Long Rebounds

When your opponent is taking a three-point shot, anticipate a longer rebound trajectory. Adjust your positioning accordingly to increase your chances of collecting the rebound. Understanding shot tendencies and having a good feel for the shooter's range can be a game-changer in these situations.

Your positioning when rebounding a layup will be different than your positioning when rebounding a 3 point attempt.

2K24 Rebounding Builds: Check Your Break Points

Are you targeting the right breakpoints for rebounding? If you are wanting to improve your rebounding, make sure your build is not holding you back.

The minimum to be an effective rebounder is 83 rebounding in either offensive or defensive rebounding, but typically not both.

However, if you are looking to really grab more rebounds in 2k24 you should target 93 Rebounding in one of the 2 categories. Getting to 93 Rebounding will give you Hall of Fame Boxout Beast and Gold Rebound Chaser which should be enough to give you an edge in most rebounding matchups.

NBA 2K24 Rebounding Build with Yao Ming

You can view our recommended center builds on the Recommended Center Builds Page or, if you are looking for a 4 build, check out our Recommended Power Forward Builds Page..

Pay Attention to the Shot Clock

Monitoring the shot clock is an important aspect of effective rebounding. When the shot clock gets low you should already be fighting for position before the shot has gone up. However, it is important to not crash the boards too early if you are matched up against a stretch.

You will need to vary the timing at which you go for rebounds depending on your matchup's build and how involved they are in the offense. If you crash the boards in a low shot clock situation from the perimeter and you do not get the rebound you need to make sure you try to recover to your matchup on the perimeter and not get caught standing in the paint anticipating a 2nd rebound attempt.

2K24 Break Starter Outlet Passes

When you secure a defensive rebound your first priority should be to consider a break starter outlet pass.

Press and Hold A on Xbox or X on Playstation. This will throw the pass to the furthest player down court without you having to make a decision about which icon that is.

You should have at least Silver break starter as a big. Most competitive bigs are going higher than that.

Getting out on the fast break to score points is incredibly important with how difficult it is to score against quality defenders in NBA 2k24.

NBA 2K24 Break Starter with Jokic

Pay Attention to Your Matchup's Tendencies

Some players prioritize positioning to get their rebounds while other players try to load up on Vertical and crash the boards later. These players are targeting high jump animations that are gated by vertical that can be really helpful when rebounding.

Typically you can tell whether your matchup has the Pogo Stick badge based on their movement. If your matchup does not have pogo stick you know they went low vertical and will not be an effective late rebounder. In this situation you should be able to win the rebounding battle by simply having quality positioning between your matchup and the basket.

NBA 2K24 Rodman Worm Move

Practice Rebounding in Solo Rec

Solo Rec is a cheat code to generate tons of offensive rebounding opportunities as there will be plenty of missed shots.

As with any skill, practice is paramount. The more you play and practice, the better you'll become at timing your jumps and positioning your player for rebounds. Consistency in your approach to rebounding will lead to better results over time. You can practice in-game or take advantage of the practice modes offered to hone your rebounding skills.

Rebound as a Team

If everyone on the team is making sure that their matchup is not getting free runs at offensive rebounds you will be much more successful. Having 3 players take off on the break every time a shot goes up is overkill generally.

NBA 2K24 Best Jump Shot

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