NBA 2K24 Season undefined Rewards

NBA 2K24 Season Pass Rewards: Season

NBA2K24 brings back season rewards to go along with the rep grind to earn separate rewards. There are two tracks where you can earn free rewards for MyCareer and MyTeam simultaneously. There is a third premium track where you can earn bonus rewards, but you must purchase either the Pro Pass or the Hall of Fame Pass first. The Hall of Fame Pass will allow you to skip 10 levels at the time of purchase and give you bonus xp towards each next level. At any time, you can pay to skip a single level for $1.99 USD. Below is the list of rewards for Season 5 of NBA2K24

Season Premium Pass

    Season Rewards MyCareer

      Season Pro Pass

        Season Hall of Fame Pass

          Season Rewards MyTeam

            NBA 2K24 Best Jump Shot

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