NBA 2K24 Best Controller Settings and Shooting Settings

NBA 2K24 Shot Timing Visual Cue Best Settings

2K24 Best Settings

What is Shot Timing Visual Cue in NBA 2K24?

Shot Timing Visual Cue determines the release point of your shoot button. It does not speed up the actual animation, only the amount of time you press the button.

From fastest to slowest the cues go:

  • Jump
  • Set Point
  • Push
  • Release

We measured the green window for a specific jumpshot at each release point and found the following window start speeds.

  • 500mS
  • 501mS
  • 550mS
  • 565mS

We generally recommend Push timing, however, it is preference.

What Camera Angle Should I use on 2K24?

While camera angle can be somewhat preference, most players play on 2k cam.

How do I use NBA 2k 2k Camera on 2K24?

You can adjust your camera settings in any game mode after it begins. In game modes that cannot be paused like Park and Rec you can change your camera angle using the D Pad. In offline modes you can simply pause 2k and navigate to the camera settings.

How Do I Enable Shot Feedback in 2k24?

Shot feedback can be turned on in the Settings under Features at the main menu. We highly recommend turning shot feedback to All Shots.

What Defensive Assist Strength Setting Should I use in 2k24?

We recommend a lower defensive assist so you have more control over your own player. Anywhere from 0-15 is a good number.

Where do I turn off my matchup arrow in 2k24?

Go to features, settings scroll down until you see a setting called who to guard. Set this to off to turn off the matchup arrow and give you a little more control over your defender. We generally only recommend this if playing with a squad though

NBA 2K24 Shot Meter Settings

NBA 2K24 Best Controller Settings and Shooting Settings

How to Change your Shot meter in 2k24?

Click start and go to MyPlayer then Animations. Scroll to the right until you get to Customize HUD. Find the Shot Meter category and here you can chance your meter style under “graphic”. You can also change the size, color, location, and what type of shots your meter will show up on. Keep in mind, if you keep your meter off you will get about a 20% increase to your make percentage.

However, our recommended setting would be to turn this meter off.

NBA 2K24 Best Jump Shot

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