Rotate Phone to View Controller Input

NBA 2K24 Learn to Dribble

The controller on this page will loop the correct controller inputs for the move you have selected. You can connect your controller via USB or Bluetooth and take over the animation to test out whether you are doing the inputs correctly.

This tool will allow you to practice the direction and timing of the right stick and turbo inputs associated with chaining dribble moves. Watch the video on how to do the combo and then connect your controller to your PC or Phone and practice the combo.

If you are doing the stick inputs correctly all of the feedback will be green. If you see any red you are doing the inputs too slow, in the incorrect direction or you are comboing them incorrectly. The green / red pattern will change as you select different moves from the dropdown.

To use this tool plug in your Xbox or Playstation controller to your computer via USB or connect your controller to your Mobile Phone or PC via Bluetooth. After connecting your controller and hitting a button or moving a stick the controller icon on this page should toggle on.

*Controller support not available on Safari browser. If you're on an iPhone use Chrome instead.