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NBA 2K24 Mid Range Green Windows

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NBA 2K24 Midrange Pure Green Windows

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and welcome to the NBA 2K lab channel in this video we're going to be taking a look at the pure green window sizes for standing and moving mid-range shots at different attribute ratings if you enjoy this type of content don't forget to subscribe drop a like let's get right into it now look we're going to be giving out some tidbits of Premium information in this video and if you find yourself wanting more green Windows stats on bases and release and even moving jumpers NBA 2K lab is doing a holiday special right now for 50% off by using Code spill at checkout that means you can get access to everything we've tested and more for only a few bucks and change we don't do this often and it's only for a limited time so if you ever wanted to try out NBA 2K lab premium now's your chance but let's get back to this video so of course we've done a lot of testing on three-point shooting so far but with mid-range shooting being as powerful as it is it's time to see exactly why we already know Mike Wang said that the mid-range was getting a huge buff in 2K 24 so clearly the focus was to make people shoot more than threes and just dunk the ball so with that being said we at NBA 2K lab decided to test the pure green windows at each mid-range rating and what we found might make you rethink your current bills this is because certain mid-range ratings can open up your pure green window significantly making these shots extremely easy to hit on the screen now is notable mid-range ratings where we can see the pure green window increase dramatically now as you can see once we get to an 89 mid-range with this particular setup the 39 millisecond green window becomes nearly automatic now one important thing to note is that these pure green Windows may change depending on your base and release or in the case of fading mid-range your dribble pull-up package this particular standing mid-range test was done with Eric Pascal Bas with Troy Brown Jr releases now as I mentioned at the beginning of the video we've been testing moving mid-range Fades as well and when we compare these green Windows to standing mid-range you can see the larger green Windows require a higher rating but these shots are still very makeable especially with the right animations for this moving mid-range test we use the normal dribble pull-up but we're currently testing and adding the rest of the packages as we finish and just keep in mind that some of these dribble pull-up packages have larger green windows at lower mid-range ratings which means that you may not need an 88 rating to get that 29 millisecond green window so once again if you guys wanted to sign up for NBA 2K lab to get access to these stats and much more you can use code spill at checkout and get 50% off as always we appreciate the support thanks for watching it's Ben spill and I'm out later