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2K24 Best Layup Tutorial

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NBA 2K24 Layup Controls

Video Transcript:
in today's video I'll be doing an advanced layup controls tutorial with the right stick we'll also be comparing different packages with different ratings in detail to show you that even though you might be inputting the same layout but the package can change it dramatically in terms of when it triggers when it releases and even the animation itself and the release point of the animation and if you want to see more detailed layup animation or dunking animation comparison like this by the move and ratings this combinate layup and downgrading you want and give us the two packages you want to see another like to this video and I'll work on those for you and for more advanced stats on badges jump shots or even tools to help you with your my player builds make sure to come to all year long so let's start off with scoop layup controls so to do this all you're going to do is move and hold your right stick to the left or right while driving now however what you're seeing here is the DeRozan scoop layer package and I'm triggering these from very far away so this is to the opposite hand to the right hand in this case and you can see the animation play out now here you're about to see the same hand scoop layer between Westbrook and DeRozan and you can tell that Westbrook not only the star sooner he also leans much more to the left giving him crazy Separation on his scoop so obviously you can trigger script layout from Left Right far or close but the layer package itself is going to drive a lot of difference because you can tell these Westbrook ones are just faster and it's got more lean and separation compared to the DeRozan ones but I did also do a scoop layup story close to the rim here's the Rosen and he kind of like glitches and has a really weird animation that's not smooth Westbrook however if you do it closer much smoother much better and less awkward now let's take a look at Hop step layups this year you got a whole turbo and move the right stick down left while driving with the ball on the right hand but you get a mixture you let go of Turbo as the Hop animation players if you don't you're gonna dunk it if your player can dunk so hold Turbo move your right stick down right in this case and then you want to let go of Turbo before the half finishes still hold the right six down so you will finish this layer of Animation but the key is make sure you let go and here you can see Westbrook's version of the move pick a hop quick and finish here is the rosens on the opposite side pretty cool little bit hop to the left but if you look at Westbrooks it's actually much worse compared to the Rose and if it's the same side hot so there's the difference there between those two packages now a normal layer nice and simple just move and hold the right stick straight up while driving in close range here you can see a lot of the Rosen ones where he's got a lot of dirt and a lot of jump so that's pretty cool West broke a lot more layup with the rice stick is kind of bad it's slow and it's kind of clunky now Runner and produce you're just gonna move and hold the right stick straight down while driving in close range you can see the rose and do them from Far medium range and Close Ranger so different animations depending on the Range where you trigger floaters so this is same as the half step and the scoop layups but the floater variations is much more this year but you can see that's what I spoke doing it from close so that's pretty cool your step layout so you're gonna move the right stick down left or down right while driving you can also trigger these from far away a medium distance or closed distance you can see the Rosen on a couple of these here the animations are different depending on how close or how far away I trigger it reverse layups you just gotta move and hold your right stick right while driving along the right so that's in this case I'm holding it right but if you're driving it from the left then you're going to hold your right stick to the left and the animations once again changes depending on your package the Rosen and rest mode you saw the difference earlier already so hopefully you enjoy this layout controls tutorial if you like it please add us a like and if you want us to do more layer package comparisons like these with different packages and different ratings and I like to this video tell us what rating or what packages you want to see layup and dunks and I'll do them for you hopefully you guys enjoy these and as always for more details come to NBA 2K and I look forward to speaking to you guys again very soon