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NBA 2K23 MyPlayer Builder Tool

AttributeBuild 1Build 2Build 3
Build Name2-Way Shot CreatorShot Creator3 Point Shot Creator
Shot Close757575
Driving Layup757575
Driving Dunk757575
Standing Dunk757575
Post Control757575
Mid-Range Shot757575
Three Point Shot757575
Pass Acc757575
Ball Handle757575
Speed w/ Ball757575
Finishing Badges000
Playmaking Badges000
Shooting Badges000
Defense Badges000
Agent 3
Catch and ShootSilverSilverSilver
Comeback KidGoldGoldGold
Corner SpecialistBronzeBronzeBronze
Free PointsBronzeBronzeBronze
Green MachineBronzeBronzeBronze
Guard UpSilverSilverSilver
Limitless Range
Middy MagicianSilverSilverSilver
Open LooksSilverSilverSilver
Post Fade PhenomGoldGoldGold
Space CreatorBronzeBronzeBronze
Spot FinderSilverSilverSilver
Aerial WizardSilverSilverSilver
Backdown PunisherSilverSilverSilver
Big DriverHoFHoFHoF
Dream ShakeSilverSilverSilver
Fast TwitchBronzeBronzeBronze
Fearless FinisherHoFHoFHoF
Float GameSilverSilverSilver
Giant SlayerGoldGoldGold
Hook SpecialistGoldGoldGold
Post Spin TechnicianSilverSilverSilver
Precision DunkerBronzeBronzeBronze
Pro TouchGoldGoldGold
Rise UpBronzeBronzeBronze
Spin CycleGoldGoldGold
Two StepGoldGoldGold
94 Feet
Boxout BeastSilverSilverSilver
Brick WallBronzeBronzeBronze
Chase Down ArtistHoFHoFHoF
Immovable EnforcerBronzeBronzeBronze
Pogo Stick
Post LockdownBronzeBronzeBronze
Rebound ChaserBronzeBronzeBronze
Right Stick RipperBronzeBronzeBronze
Work Horse
Ankle BreakerSilverSilverSilver
Handles For Days
Killer CombosBronzeBronzeBronze
Physical HandlesGoldGoldGold
Post PlaymakerSilverSilverSilver
Speed BoosterBronzeBronzeBronze
Triple StrikeSilverSilverSilver
Giannis AntetokounpoUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
Lamelo BallLockedLockedLocked
Bradley BealLockedLockedLocked
Devin BookerLockedLockedLocked
Jaylen BrownLockedLockedLocked
Kobe BryantLockedLockedLocked
Jimmy ButlerLockedLockedLocked
J ColeLockedLockedLocked
Stephen CurryLockedLockedLocked
Demar DerozanLockedLockedLocked
Luka DoncicLockedLockedLocked
Kevin DurantLockedLockedLocked
Anthony EdwardsLockedLockedLocked
Joel EmbiidLockedLockedLocked
Dearon FoxLockedLockedLocked
George GervinLockedLockedLocked
Tyrese HaliburtonLockedLockedLocked
James HardenLockedLockedLocked
Kyrie IrvingLockedLockedLocked
Allen IversonLockedLockedLocked
Lebron JamesLockedLockedLocked
Magic JohnsonLockedLockedLocked
Nikola JokicLockedLockedLocked
Michael JordanLockedLockedLocked
Zach LavineLockedLockedLocked
Damian LillardLockedLockedLocked
Donovan MitchellLockedLockedLocked
Ja MorantLockedLockedLocked
Dejuante MurrayLockedLockedLocked
Jordan PoolLockedLockedLocked
Julius RandleLockedLockedLocked
Derrick RoseLockedLockedLocked
Domantas SabonisLockedLockedLocked
Ben SimmonsUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
Jayson TatumLockedLockedLocked
John WallLockedLockedLocked
Russell WestbrookLockedLockedLocked
Jason WilliamsLockedLockedLocked
Zion WilliamsonLockedLockedLocked
Trae YoungLockedLockedLocked
Vince CarterLockedLockedLocked
Darryl DawkinsLockedLockedLocked
Dr DisrespectLockedLockedLocked
Clyde DrexlerLockedLockedLocked
Julius ErvingLockedLockedLocked
Paul GeorgeLockedLockedLocked
Aaron GordonLockedLockedLocked
Manu GinobiliLockedLockedLocked
Draymond GreenUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
Blake GriffinLockedLockedLocked
Dwight HowardLockedLockedLocked
Shawn KempLockedLockedLocked
Karl MaloneUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
CJ McCollumLockedLockedLocked
Tracy McGradyLockedLockedLocked
Glenn Robinson IIILockedLockedLocked
Shaquille O'NealLockedLockedLocked
Scottie PippenLockedLockedLocked
Latrell SpreewellLockedLockedLocked
Klay ThompsonLockedLockedLocked
Karl Anthony-TownsLockedLockedLocked
Russel WestbrookLockedLockedLocked
Andrew WigginsLockedLockedLocked
Dominique WilkinsLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot ProLockedLockedLocked
One Foot ProLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot EliteLockedLockedLocked
One Foot EliteLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot SmallLockedLockedLocked
One Foot SmallLockedLockedLocked
Pro Standing BigsLockedLockedLocked
Elite Standing BigsLockedLockedLocked
Under Basket Rim Pulls 1UnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
Under Basket Rim Pulls 2UnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
One Hand Under Basket AthleticLockedLockedLocked
Two Hand Under Basket AthleticLockedLockedLocked
One Hand Under Basket RegularUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
Two Hand Under Basket RegularUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
One Foot One Hand Rim GrazersUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
Two Foot Two Hand Rim GrazersUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
One Foot One Hand BasicUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
One Foot Two Hand BasicUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
Two Foot One Hand BasicUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
Two Foot Two Hand BasicUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
One Foot Big Man BasicLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot One Hand Big ManLockedLockedLocked
One Foot One Hand AthleticUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
Two Foot One Hand AthleticUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
One Foot Basic HangsUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
One Foot Big Man Basic HangsLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot Basic HangsUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
One Foot Athletic HangsUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
Two Foot Athletic HangsUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
Two Foot Two Hand Fist Pump Rim PullsUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
One Foot Big Man TomahawksLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot Big Man TomahawksLockedLockedLocked
One Foot Side Arm TomahawksLockedLockedLocked
One Foot Straight Arm TomahawksLockedLockedLocked
One Foot Cockback TomahawksLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot Athletic Side TomahawksLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot Athletic Front TomahawksLockedLockedLocked
One Foot Uber Athletic TomahawksLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot Uber Athletic Side TomahawksLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot LeansLockedLockedLocked
One Foot Front Double ClutchLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot Front Double ClutchUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
One Foot Side Double ClutchLockedLockedLocked
One Foot Big Man Side Double ClutchLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot Side Double ClutchUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
One Foot Back ScratchersLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot Back ScratchersUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
Two Foot Back Scratch Rim HangsUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
Two Foot Big Man Back ScratchersLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot Quick Drop In Back ScratchersLockedLockedLocked
One Foot Two Hand Basic ReversesUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
Two Foot One Hand Double Clutch ReversesLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot Two Hand ReversesUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
One Foot Two Hand Double Clutch ReversesLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot Two Hand Double Clutch ReversesUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
Two Foot Two Hand Baseline Double Clutch ReversesLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot Two Hand Windmill ReversesLockedLockedLocked
One Foot Athletic Baseline 180 ReversesLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot Baseline 180 Athletic ReversesUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
Two Foot One Hand Baseline 180 Windmill ReversesLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot Two Hand Baseline 180 Double Clutch ReversesLockedLockedLocked
One Foot Baseline Bigman 180 ReversesLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot Baseline Bigman 180 ReversesLockedLockedLocked
One Foot SwitcheroosLockedLockedLocked
One Foot WindmillsLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot One Hand Leaning WindmillsLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot One Hand Bigman WindmillsLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot One Hand Front WindmillsLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot One Hand Side WindmillsLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot Two Hand Athletic WindmillsLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot Basic 360sLockedLockedLocked
Two Foot Athletic 360sLockedLockedLocked
One Foot CradlesLockedLockedLocked
Pro Alley OopUnlockedUnlockedUnlocked
Elite Alley OopLockedLockedLocked
Pro ContactLockedLockedLocked
Elite ContactLockedLockedLocked
Small ContactLockedLockedLocked
Big ContactLockedLockedLocked

NBA 2k23 MyPlayer Builder Build Comparison Tool

Enter the details of your NBA 2k23 Builds into our MyPlayer Builder that you are considering and the NBA2K23 build compare tool will output all of the best badges, best animations and full details of your build to make deciding which build is optimal easiest for you.

Optimizing your build in NBA 2K is crucial if you want to be successful in the game. A well-optimized build can give you the advantage you need to dominate on the court. Your build determines your player's attributes, including their speed, strength, shooting ability, and defensive skills, among others. Therefore, it is essential to create a build that complements your playing style and helps you achieve your goals.

One of the most important factors to consider when optimizing your build in the MyPlayer Builder is your position. Each position in the game requires different attributes, and you should tailor your build accordingly. For example, if you are a point guard, you should focus on building a speedy and agile player with good ball handling skills, whereas a center should focus on strength and height.

Another key factor to consider when optimizing your build is your playing style. Whether you prefer to be a scorer, a playmaker, or a defensive player, your build should reflect your style. It is also important to consider the game modes you plan to play, such as MyCareer, MyTeam, or Park, as each mode has different gameplay requirements.

Optimizing your build also involves making the right choices when it comes to badges, which are special abilities that can enhance your player's skills. You should carefully choose badges that complement your playing style and build. For example, if you are a shooter, you should focus on badges that improve your shooting accuracy and range.

In summary, optimizing your build in our NBA 2K23 MyPlayer Builder is crucial if you want to be successful in the game. By creating a build that complements your playing style, position, and game mode, and by choosing the right badges, you can gain an advantage over your opponents and dominate on the court.

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