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NBA 2K24 Best Perks

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody this is posa and welcome back to another 2K live video in today's video we'll be ranking each and every takeover perk and ranking them in a tier list to help you guys choose a takeover perk that fits your MyPlayer build the best so if y'all Ready for today's video go ahead and drop a like subscribe to the channel if you guys want more content like this let's go ahead and get into it all right so let's start out with the very popular takeover perk accelerator accelerator lets your takeover meter fill faster whenever you're performing well on the court allowing you to get takeover quicker this has always been the Top Dog in previous two case but this year in 2k24 there's a lot more competitors out there and we gain takeover a lot faster this year compared to previous years an accelerator isn't giving as much of a boost anymore while I think this takeover perk is still very good I myself and a lot of others feel like there's other takeover perks that are more important so we're gonna go ahead and put accelerator into tier a and you guys will see why and later in the video now D accelerator the opposite of what we just went over it slows down how quickly your opponent gets takeover while he is closely guarded this was popular in previous 2ks for lockdowns to have when they didn't have accelerator unlocked so not a bad option but not the best option we're gonna go ahead and throw this into the B2 now on to extender this extends the length of time that takeover stays active so like we talked about earlier takeover is a lot easier to get this year so if you can get take over early into a game and then you have the extender Park equipped this could last a whole game to 21 and it could even last almost a full quarter in the wreck and that'll be a problem for a lot of defenses to handle so we're gonna go ahead and put this in the a tier now juice gives an extra boost to your attributes when takeover is active so your attributes in take over are boosted even more this could be lethal for those all-around type of builds juice was another popular option last year because accelerator was so hard to achieve because you can't go wrong with further boosting your attributes that being said we're gonna go ahead and throw this in the a tier now on to minimizer your opponent's activated takeover won't last as long whenever they're closely guarded the only problem with this is your opponent shouldn't have Takeover in the first place but this could still be a good option for those lockdown Defenders out there while I wouldn't put this over the accelerator we're gonna go ahead and throw this in the C2 on The Saboteur when a guarded opponent commits a turnover or a bad shot their takeover meter gets a larger penalty while again this could be good for lockdown Defenders or any Defender regarding ball I still wouldn't put this over the accelerator so we're gonna go ahead and throw this in the C2 on to Second Chance when takeover is full but not yet activated making a mistake won't completely reset the meter so for those guys going for double takeover and if you guys didn't know Mamba mentality this year actually gives you every Takeover in the game whenever you guys achieve it double Takeover in game so double takeover is never a bad option this year now I don't want to put this one in eights here because I don't think it hangs with those a tier takeover perks but it is still valuable so I'm gonna go ahead and throw this in the B tier now sponge when a teammate performs an action to increase their takeover meter you get a small boost to your own and sponge is the king of kings this year it's already faster to get takeover this year but when you have sponge equipped absolutely anything your teammates do gains your takeover so this is really good for guards that need Takeover in general but if you guys are role players on the court or lockdowns or bigs anytime the point guard does something good and a boost their takeover you'll also get a boost to yours and again with the year where it's faster ticket takeover this is going to have to go ahead and go to the S2 so if you guys haven't tried out the sponge takeover perk I highly recommend it on to stay warm now your takeover meter won't drain as quickly when performing poorly so for those guys that like to do too much whenever they pop takeover this could be an option for you but I can't fully see the benefit in this takeover part if you guys are already in take over you guys should not be performing poorly if you take a bad shot that's on you we're gonna go ahead and throw this in the seat here now last but not least this is suppressor now opponents with an active takeover receive smaller attribute boost when you are guarding them I'm gonna be blunt this might be the worst of them all not only should your opponent already have takeover but you're gonna have to be the one to guard them for this perk to kick in so for instance if you guys are in the wreck and the guard has take over but you're not guarding their guard this takeover perk has no effect we're gonna go ahead and throw this in the bottom of the sea tier and there you have it there's the Takeover part 2 list for 2K 24. let me know what you guys think down below let me know if you guys would change anything let me know what takeover perks you guys are rocking so far into season one make sure y'all don't leave without dropping a like and subscribing to the Channel and it's been coza and I'll catch you on the next one thank you