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Best Dribble Moves for 86 Ball Handle

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2K24 86 Ball Handle Dribbles

Video Transcript:
recently we've been seeing a lot of you guys going with that 86 ball handle threshold on your builds saving a lot of attributes in the Builder with the playmaking category to then spread those attributes more evenly in today's video we will be going over why people are going with the 86 ball handle rating as it's not exactly a badge threshold the capabilities of the 86 ball handle and our recommended dribble moves for that rating so go ahead and drop a like subscribe to the channel if you guys are finding this content helpful and let's go ahead and get into [Music] it [Music] starting off all of the gameplay from today's video will be from our 3 andd point Bild with an 86 ball handle and a 75 SP ball people are targeting this 86 ball handle specifically for the Kimble Walker Escape moves package which is considered by most the best escape moves within the game but we'll talk more about that later next we will be going over dribble style and we are using Pro dribble style in today's video now there's a few different options when it comes to dribble style as a can be preference for that we have a full dribble style tier list here on YouTube where we break down the animation and each dribble style and show them in a simplistic way as shown here pro has a very fast cross launch animation that can easily get you open if done correctly up next we have Dwayne Wade size up which we feel is the best well-rounded size up for those Wing players some other options can be Dean Fox Devon Booker and John Moran and to compare them side by side we have all of these animations graded over on our website to help you guys pick which one to go with Dwayne Wade size up doesn't have any slow or draggy animations that can cause unwanted movement from your my player so it's a really solid choice for your signature size up for the breakdown combos these can be preferen also but the most popular one recently has been lamelo Ball but we can also recommend ra for Austin if you guys are Superstar 3 with the Superstar 3 animations unlocked for the aggressive breakdown combo I've been having a lot of fun with the new Devon Booker breakdown his walking forward animation is just a good way to get into your dribble move combos pretty much walking down your Defender coming back to the Kimo Walker Escape moves package and if you guys did not go for that 86 ball handle it's okay as there's another good option with the Jimmy Butler Escape moves only requiring a 70 ball handle now the kimle Walker Escape is widely used by some of the best guards that play this game his turbo crossover creates separation while at the same time you can get a speed boost off of it which is one of the fastest speed boosts within the game making this Escape move's turbo crossover one of the best go-to moves within the game another move that is widely used by top guards in this game is the James Harden combo moves package his standstill combo moves can help aggressive Defenders think twice before pressing and harassing the ball handler as you can beat them just using this one simple move up next the John Wall crossover this move can be useful for a couple different things one it can be used to beat the Press giving you more speed and change of direction to get up the court faster secondly it can be used to push the pace again changing directions quickly and getting to a spot you know you can score from up next one of the best moves in the game in terms of creating separation the Jamal Murray behind the back while his moving behind the back isn't great his standing behind the back can launch himself several feet away from the defender if you guys are more of a slashing type and you lean more towards the moving behind the back we can recommend Trey young or dearn Fox you can also see how we graded their animations overall on our website we are sticking with the Penny Hardaway spin move and we are sticking with the Chris Paul hesitation as it gives you some of the best speed boost within the game last but not least we are using the John Wall stepb back which gives you the best hop back and the best snatchback within the game his hopback animation alone can be an easy bucket against sagging Defenders so that is going to wrap it up for today's video don't forget to drop a like subscribe to the channel if you guys want more helpful 2K content like this and let us know down in the comments any more ball handle thresholds that we should go over here on the Channel with that all being said man it's been COA and I'm [Music] out