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NBA 2K24 Touch Passer Guide

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NBA 2K24 How Touch Passer Works

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam and welcome to 2K lab today we're going to talk about the touch passer batch and in this video we're going to break it down to you so you know when it activates when it doesn't we'll also go into detail per batch level so you can see the difference between from bronze all the way to Hall of Fame compared to no batch and we might even have a surprise for you about this badge that you actually don't expect at all but it's actually a very cool aspect that adds a lot to the game and if you would like to see more advanced stats on badges jump shots and even tools to help you with your my player build make sure to come to all year long so for your reference we tested this badge with LeBron passing style and 86 pass accuracy across all levels and here you can see Hall of Fame against no badge and this batch kicks in on the catch and it carries through that animation all the way until you pass the ball out once you pass the ball out the pass speed is still determined by pass accuracy so here you can see I synced the clip so the ball came out at the same time Hall of Fame no badge you can see the ball travels at the same speed so the pass accuracy is not increased by this batch also to activate it you must pass the ball around within half a second when you catch it icon pass or x-pass as you see fit but if you take more time than that is no good you can see the batch do not trigger and also if you take a dribble it won't work so you can take a dribble and pass it so pretty much as the batch name intended it's got to be kind of like a touch pass now it does trigger though after a rebound so here you can see our guy Matt gets the rebound and that animation in that sequence was buffed up by silver touchpad because he had that batch so this is kind of interesting and a big fan now per batch level no batch was just Hall of Fame Hall of Fame is 19.1 faster bronze is 4.3 faster compared to no batch and silver is 8.5 so the increase is pretty consistent and gold is 12.8 percent and here's a image for your reference with the required pass accuracy you need to unlock this badge and you can see from bronze silver the gold it goes up pretty consistently but there is a spike when you get the Hall of Fame so if you have to pass accuracy for it try to get this batch as high as possible because the effects are there and as big guys you should still get it because you're gonna get a lot of rebounds and being able to trigger touch passes out of a rebound or an outlet pass especially with R1 L1 gone this year that little bit of touch passer is going to help much more than you think so as always thanks for coming by make sure to go to for more information and I look forward to speak to you guys again very soon