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How do I use Space Creator in NBA2K23?

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Sam and welcome to the 2K lab Channel today we're going to talk about some of the best shooting badges on NBA 2k23 so in this video we'll be talking about the space Creator batch we're going to show you per bash level exactly how much of a make percentage boost you get we're also going to show you the acceleration and some of the best ways to use this badge in-game in the park or in the rack as you see fit so in regards to activation this badge will pop if you do a right stick step back jumper or a sidestep jumper and sometimes it might break your opponent's ankle but online the chance isn't great but the key is you will get separation and if you take the shot with the right stick on the step back you'll get a make percentage boost so in terms of when the best to use it early transition versus a scrambling defense as you see here is perfect here you can see our man spill get to the mid-range and then he's using space creator with the step back to get from the mid-range to the free so this is an excellent strategy and if you take this shot not only does it give you the separation you need you're also going to get a shot boost so that's the best of both worlds right now in the half course setting it is also very effective off catch and goes as you see here even in free free you can catch Drive the direction and do a side step or stamp pack with the right stick and Trigger space Creator now driving towards the corner and then using a step back to pop out two trigger space Creator is also a very viable option as you can see in these couple other possessions so all of these are great shots with the badge now in regards to the numbers you can see here on the right this is Fame and then on the left is no badge now both of these shots actually release relatively close to the green window but at the hall of fame level it's actually going to give you a way better make percentage boost than no badge it is going to be actually as high as around 35 percent and in detail per batch level you can see the jump from no batch to bronze is not that significant but as you get up to higher levels especially the silver and gold the jump is quite significant now we're talking about a close to 30 make percentage jump so gold is definitely worth it if you can get to it but as you can see with this batch at the hall of fame level the Boost is almost a straight line from the early parts of the green window all the way to the middle this is a very good Hall of Fame badge now granted once you get to the middle and later in the window is not as great as the earlier part but the Boost is still very consistent for Hall of Fame right so this is a great badge best bag for your buck is going to be gold so in the comment section we need your help here we're gonna have two space Creator shots if you like the one taken by mad here you can put Matt in the comments and this is Spill going from the mid-range and popping back up so let us know which space creates a shot do you think it's better you can vote Matt or spill in the comments and also in the comment section let us know in general how you feel about space Creator and if you use this badge a lot we'll definitely love to hear your feedback and how you like to maximize it initially we didn't think the numbers are actually going to be that great but this badge is actually very good especially on Golden Hall of Fame so if these are the kind of shots you like definitely work on them they're gonna be worth it with the badge on so as always thanks for coming by I look forward to speaking to you guys again very soon