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2K24 Best Season 5 Dribbles

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NBA 2K24 Best Season 5 Dribble Animations

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody this is COA and welcome back to another 2K Labs video now season 5 is finally here and with that came all of Devin Booker's signature animations including his fadeaway hop jumper layup and all of his dribble moves one of the best seasons we've had yet in terms of refreshing game play and we'll be going over these animations in today's video giving you guys our thoughts on if you guys should use them or stick with what you guys are using already so if you're ready for today's video go ahead and drop a like subscribe to the channel for more helpful 2K content like this and let's go ahead and get into it [Music] one of the best Devon Booker animations is his layup package that you get at an 85 layup rating now his aggressive layups are good but what makes this package Stand Out is his deep floater animations now if we look here two Defenders are helping down but they're also still in the passing Lan and go to the corner so that pass could be picked off the point guard has his Defender beat but his passing line could be stolen and his dunk could be interrupted now with the Devon Booker layup animation you guys can hit floaters like these for situations like those this next clip is a perfect example the center is sitting under the rim so taking away the layup or the dunk at The Rim the top Defender is going to rotate to the top of the key shooter leaving the floater to be the best available option for the point guard and with the high arcing floater out of the Devon Brooker layup package the center cannot get to it the next animation we'll be going over is his dribble pull-up the Devon Booker fadeaway animation his fadeaway animation is all around really solid and now I'm debating on Switching off of Kobe Bryant fadeaway animation myself we can easily compare the speed and green Windows between these fadeaway animations over on our website I will say from the feel of it the front fade coming out of the Devon Booker fadeaway animations feels a lot cleaner than Kobe Bryant's up next we have the Devon Booker hop jumper animation now this package holds a lot of clean animations within it but one that I like the most is this long animation that creates a ton of space between you and your Defender definitely my new favorite hop jumper for those Wing builds now finally onto his dribbling animation starting with the Devon Booker dribbl style requiring an 80 SP ball now our premium members on our website have known about this dribble style before 2K 24 officially launched it before season 5 came out as we have every dribble animation graded within the game the big thing to look at is this cross launch animation that has a huge speed boost behind it I definitely recommend this dribble style for those slashers out there but if you want more recommendations for dribble Styles we have a whole tier list on every dribble style here on YouTube up next we have another solid animation than Deon Booker size up animation that requires a 75 ball handle as I rock my Defender to sleep before I beat him that open up the free shot at the perimeter moving on to his regular breakdown combo this is one of his not so good animations requiring only a 75 ball handle it isn't as flashy it's a little slower of an animation but you can still have it in your bag to create a shot onto a better animation the Devon Booker aggressive breakdown combo again requiring a 75 ball handle now this animation has a very smooth and fluent walking forward animation that just simply makes your combos feel a whole lot smoother moving on to the Escape moves from Devon Booker again requiring a 75 ball handle this animation is another one that's not so good his turbo crossover and his turbo in between the legs start out really sluggish I could recommend Jimmy Butler or Kevin Durant Escape moves over this one onto a solid animation the Devon Booker combo moves but now this one requires an 85 ball handle and it's something with the Devon Booker animations that just let your combos feel a whole lot smoother as we pull off the Devon Booker combo move into the Devon Booker aggressive breakdown combo up next another solid animation the Devon Booker crossover that requires an 80 ball handle now while this is a solid crossover animation I would suggest using Kobe Bryant or John Wall crossover over this one regardless we still beat our Defender and cause a help Defender to help down low freeing up and easy assist up next we have the Devon Booker behind the back requiring an 80 ball H now this is one of the more well-rounded behind the backs in the game as it has a decent standing behind the back as well as a decent moving behind the back as compared to other popular behind the backs within the game that either have one or the other so if you have an 80 ball handle and want a well-rounded behind the back this could be an animation for you and last but not least the Deon Booker stepback animation this one only requiring a 75 ball handle now while his hopback out of this isn't the best his snatchback has a little walk-back animation within it freeing up a lot of space between you and your Defender but that is going to wrap it up for today's video I myself am very excited going into season 5 but let me know how you guys are feeling down below in the comments with all that being said man it's been KOA and I'll catch you on the next one