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HOF Anchor Popper Build 2k23

Video Transcript:
every year we create our recommended builds for you guys and today we bring to you the anchor popper as you can see this Center build can hold down the paint with ease thanks to Hall of Fame anchor which makes opposing players think twice about challenging you under the rim now blocks are very easy to come by on this build whether you're in the interior or chasing the ball handler down and even on the perimeter as this guy gets absolutely swatted with Max wingspan and the closeout ability of this build speaking of wingspan Steels are also fairly easy to get and this build can do just about everything well especially on defense of course this is a popper and can help your team stretch the floor so it becomes a viable threat in the pick and pop game and has enough three-point rating to be a knockdown shooter leaving you open will definitely be a mistake now the inside game is very well-rounded and this build has the ability to finish with finesse and close shot or finish with power in a contact dunk not to mention this build also gets quick drops which is still the most powerful dunk package in the game now if you're looking for a center build that can do it all with virtually no weaknesses then we at NBA 2K lab have the build for you if you're new to the channel be sure to subscribe and let's get right into it [Music] now before we get started make sure to like the video and if we get this video to 2 000 likes I'll release my personal six nine build that I've been using for all of season one for starters we're obviously making a center and this build is going to be seven feet tall with a weight of 235 pounds which gives us solid speed but also unlocks that 99 offensive rebound and for wingspan we went with 710 which is maxed out and is going to provide us with even better defense now we're going to start with finishing and when it comes to close shot this is a very important attribute to have and it just gives an overall better chance to finish around the rim which is obviously very ideal for Bigs we're going to an 85 close shot rating for goldfast twitch and goldfast twitch is going to make your standing layups and standing dunk animations under the rim about 15 faster than having no badge which is a significant boost when trying to beat your Defender now at an 84 close shot you also unlock gold Fearless which is a great finishing badge to equip on this build and that 85 rating just seems like a good spot in general you're able to finish over smaller Defenders with ease because of your height with good timing you'll have a great chance to beat taller Defenders because of your rating in badges next next we have driving lab and you won't be taking many of these as dunks and close shot will be your primary option for scoring so we're going to a 63 strictly for that extra badge point for driving dunk we're going to an 80 and this is going to give us quick drops off one which as we all know is still the most busted dunk package in the game so simple yet so unblockable and having that on a seven footer is honestly just unfair now for standing dunk we're going to an 80 rating which is going to give us the silver rise up badge and of course the pro big man contact dunks don't forget that 65 vertical next we have post control and while we have solid finishing we don't have many badge points we put post control to a 52 for that extra badge point which will give us 17 to unlock our gold tier 3 badges now once you core gold fast twitch that's gonna be seven batch points you'll then have access to a second tier 3 badge which is going to make you an even better finisher 17 batch points seems like enough moving on to shooting and for this build to Be an Effective outside shooter we'll need the badges to go with it so while we don't care much about the mid-range we need the badge points to unlock our tier 3 badges so we're raising this to a 73 and when we max out our three-point rating to a 79 and we have a total of 17 badges which is more than enough to get the badges that you'll need not to mention we tested the catch and shoot badge and on Silver it seemed to be very effective and very similar to the gold level so if you're on the fence because you want to go catch and shoot on your popper you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing it's really not that much better free throws are generally pretty easy and a 66 rating should be plenty to hit consistently if you wanted more this is the cheapest attribute to increase so there's definitely ways to do that now next we have our play making and we're not investing too much here as we play our role as a big man but we definitely want our pass accuracy high enough to throw decent passes so we're going to bump this to a 76 which unlocks gold brake starter and even at 75 you unlock LeBron passing style which is one of the fastest passing Styles in the game now the ball handle increases with pass accuracy so that's why it's at a 41 and we're not touching speed with ball as we're leaving that up to the point guard so not much for play making but we still get all of the animations and the badges that we need for defense this is the bread and butter of this build and for interior defense we're not going extremely high and you get a badge point at 78 but this rating actually is capped with our block rating which is a 99 For That Hall of Fame anchor so why we don't have crazy high interior defense rating our pain defense is still going to be insane because of this Hall of Fame anchor badge and as you can see by this graphic the make percentage drops drastically at the hall of fame level which is why this badge is absolutely necessary on the center at the highest level if you want to lock down the paint when it comes to our perimeter defense it's not the most important attribute but it is very nice to have to help boost your contest especially in situations where you're forced to switch on to a smaller guard now if you don't care for the extra perimeter defense you can actually lower this to 54 and keep the badge point and if you do this it'll allow you to gain one more speed in Excel if you prefer better physicals for steel it's tough to get a high enough rating to get the better badge levels but with a 61 rating you gain an extra defensive batch point and just having a slightly higher rating in general will allow you to get your hands on more deflections and interceptions especially having a Max wingspan of 710. now another awesome part of this build is that we're going to give it a 99 offensive rebounding which is obviously insane in itself and that of course gives us the Hall of Fame rebound Chaser badge and this badge is going to make the life of a big man a whole lot easier especially against those 737 centers maxing hour offensive rebounding gives us 84 defensive rebound by default if you increase defensive rebounding by just one more point you get that extra badge Point some people may see 85 and ask if that's enough and I promise you it is plenty the reason why we increased our offensive rebound over our defensive rebounding is one because offensive is cheaper to upgrade for some reason and two because oh boards are much harder to get so why not have an extremely high rating to offset that now that's going to give us 29 defensive badges total which is a good amount but I feel like you can never have enough defensive badges especially on the center so you may want to consider putting your extra plus 4 all into defense of course that's all up to you but that's just our recommendation for physicals we made sure our Center was well-rounded in each category and gave our player a 71 speed which is almost Max and a 71 speed on a seven footer is actually very quick now our acceleration goes to a 56 which was raised with our speed and for strength we went with a 77 which was as high as we could get it considering everything else the build gets and we didn't want to ignore this category so it took a while to find just the right amount of strength to be effective so we went with a 77. now for the Pro a big man contacts you need a 65 vertical at least but we went with a 70 to help slightly with those rebounds and lastly we have an 86 stamina which was whatever was left of the attributes now the 86 stamina will be plenty especially if you're not handling the ball overall this is a defensive minded popper build that also has the ability to finish under the rim effectively we tried to find all the best thresholds for every attribute and prioritize what was needed the most when it comes to a center build the batch count on this build is almost perfect and with the extra plus four badges you should be able to get just about everything you need now that is all we got for our recommended Center build video If this video helped be sure to leave a like and if you're watching right now comment defense or popper down below to let me know you watched the whole video through it's been spill and I'll catch you guys in the next video later thank you