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NBA 2K24 Best Badges: Posterizer

Video Transcript:
today we're going to focus on posterizer and contact dunks we'll be showing you the poster dunk percentage per badge level versus a Defender that has 92 block and 85 interior defense in order to pull this off we wrote an automated script that makes these samples exactly the same from ball check all the way through the poster animation everything about these samples should be identical except the poster animations at the end with the goal of simulating a Defender rotating L to contest and every dunk that was recorded triggered exactly at 960 milliseconds and talking about milliseconds did you know that you can now plug in your controller at then select the best shot base for your build and take as many millisecond feedback shots as you want to see which bases and releases are best for you I'm sign up on to use these tools so starting at no batch it had the smallest green window and the worst animations and the overall poster dunk percentage against our designated Defender it's only at a 9% success rate now if you move it up to bronze the green window is still small but slightly bigger but the animations are just as bad you don't really get any of the good good ones but the percentage this shot up to 22% when you move up from no badge to bronze now getting it to Silver is going to give you a pretty big jump the green window is now much bigger because of the requirement but the animations themselves have also improved and the poster dunk percentage goes all the way up to 65% at the Gold level the green window once again slightly increased in size but now you're going to start seeing some of the best animations available to you at this level and the poster dunk percentage is now climbing all the way up to 79% and at the hall of fame level will was requirements you're going to get by far the biggest green window and you'll also get the best animations that are fast and effective and the poster down percentage is now at its highest at 92% so for your reference here are the final numbers per batch level from no batch all the way up to Hall of Fame and also feel free to use the 50% off code W to sign up for NBA 2K lab premium today is the last day for this codee's availability so use it while you can and in the comment section let us know how you feel about posterizer what level do you run it at and how effective you see it for yourself as always thanks for coming by make sure to come to for more bags and tools to help you out with your builds and jump shots and I look forward to speak to you guys again very soon