NBA 2K24 Season 5 Best Jumpshots: Green Window Shooting Tips Video

2K24 Best Season 5 Jumpers

NBA 2K24 Best Jump Shot

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NBA 2K24 Best Season 5 Jump Shots

Video Transcript:
in today's video we'll be looking at the impact of different release plans on your jump shot green Windows both shots here are using the Patty new space but their green window stats and rating requirements are very different because of their custom blendings now at first glance the Oscar and Sexton blend is faster but the key question here is whose green window is actually better so Green Window Stats let's take a deep dive 2K life styo to find out and if you would like to see our entire custom jump shot green window database you can sign up at and as a member you can also submit a custom jump shot test order monthly so let's begin by looking looking at the green window stats of the Garland and Trey Bland it pure green window size as you can see is solid at 15 milliseconds but it most impressive elements are the speed of his green window at the early 500 millisecond range also is stable and consistent as evident by the numbers of his early and late potential green windows and here are the two custom jump Green Window Comparison shot green windows in question lined up side by side for you with their different custom blending with the Oscar and sexon on the left and the garlet and Trey Young on the right now I would love to hear you guys take on which one you prefer the faster one or the more stable one either way though it is interesting to see how much can change with different release planing this year personally uh I'm not that Elite of a player so the 505 to 520 so the Oscar and seon is just too fast for me but the gin and Trey it is something I can handle because of the stability overall of the green window especially you can see in the early and late potential areas and the fact that the P Green window is a little bit later actually works out for me the fastest shot usually is the better shot but in this case because of the m bace is being so fast the more stable green window is something I personally prefer but let me Outro know what your take is and also feel free to comment with your jump shot in the comment section just as you see here if you do that uh we might take a look at it for you and show off a screen window stats in future videos but if you want to see our entire custom jump shot green window database just come sign up at there are also a plenty of free tools and data available for you on there as always thank you for coming by and I look forward to speak to you guys again very soon