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Best Offensive Point Guard Build on 2k24

Video Transcript:
recently these kind of builds have become more popular within the 2K community so in today's video we'll be going over one of these offensive heavy point guard builds with a 94 driving dunk and a 92 three-pointer this Bild will also have the elite playmaking with a 92 ball handle and an 89 passing accuracy for the Tyrese halberton passing style so if you're ready for today's video go ahead and drop a like subscribe to the channel for more 2K content like this let's go ahead and get straight into [Music] it starting out this bill will be a point guard 66 lowest weight with 180 lb and a 68 Wings spin if you go even 2 in shorter on the wings spin you guys can squeeze out a 94 three-point rating but it will be heavier than a 92 and this is the full build right here so let me break it down a 94 driving dun gives you gold posterizer Hall of Fame slier finisher gold Precision dunker Hall of Fame Bunny twostep and spin cycle and as a 94 driving dunk becomes more and more popular now that more and more people are understanding the dunk meter logic a 94 driving dunk can be very beneficial to have as a scoring point guard if you guys understand the dunk meter even without using the dunk meter you guys can still get a lot of bailout dunks or posterizing dunks if a Defender crashes down also squeezing out that very cheap 45 standing dunk to just unlock the two basic standing dunk packages can help you when dunking under the rim and we did grab up that 78 mid-range rating as we tested that to be a very solid budget mid-range rating and stacking on top of that we also have silver mini magician which we've also tested to be a good budget badge onto the three-point rating we went with a 92 giving us a lot of gold shooting badges as well as at Silver Limitless range and having a three-point rting like this being able to shoot consistently from Deep just has your Defender respect you and play you so high and so you can really see that 94 driving dunk shine so if your Defender plays up you can take the driving dunk and if your Defender plays low and tries to anticipate the dunk you can also shoot very consistently from three on this build so this build is ultimately really hard to guard having Elite finishing and Elite shooting I personally like also having a high free throw because I hate missing some free shots it also cost next to nothing in the Builder as we move on down to the passing accuracy we went with 8 to get the tyres Hal bur pass Styles which will help you out with the driving kick offense you will also get gold dmer to help out those spot up Shooters on your team and just have the off ball Defenders respect their matchup just that much more now I personally like the 92 ball handle for the gold handles for days and gold unpluckable being the primary ball handler for the team but I understand a lot of you guys are being more comfortable with that 86 ball handle threshold as we just previously uploaded our recommended dribble moves for that 86 ball handle rating and I've been going with a 75 Spiel ball to get all the necessary dribble styles that I want on my build but also snacking that silver Speed Booster and we surprisingly get some defense on this build having a 75 perimeter defense for a lot of bronze defensive Badges and we will get enough strength for that bronze clamps badge a lot of people have also been maxing out their block on their builds recently not only to get bronze chase down artist but also to get better jump contest last but not least we make sure we get our physicals right with the 81 speed for the silver Speed Booster the 73 acceleration for the silver Blow by badge the 82 vertical for the contact dunk packages that we want as well as gold posterizer and gold aerial Wizard and with all of those attributes we will get the new offense heavy Point build let me know what you guys think about this build down below let me know any changes that you guys would make to this specific build and as always it's been KOA and I'm out