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Menace Badge Test 2k23

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Should I use Menace?

Video Transcript:
hey everyone this is Seth and welcome back to the 2K lab Channel today we'll be talking about Menace on NBA 2k23 so in this video we'll break down to you the effects of Madness and what it can do for you at each batch level and most importantly what are the trigger conditions that you need to satisfy to activate the back so essentially there are two requirements you need to First cross the dribble it and it also depends on where you are on the court so Here chord location is correct and I'm crowding dribbler getting into a space very uptight matters pop same thing here but as you can see in this next clip it does not work if you're 0 to 10 feet from the basket in the half court now I'm emphasizing the half chord part because it does change when you're in the back corn but we'll discuss that later but as you can see in the half court seal them 10 feet no matter how much I crowd the dribbler there's going to be no pop now this is not the pain thing so you can see the dribble is outside of the paint but he's still zero to 10 feet in the basket so Mana still won't trigger but as he gets into that higher than 10 feet range you can see as I crowd him now man this is coming back up however this reality changes when you're in the back or over there it is no longer zero to 10 feet from the basket once you're in the back court anything below the red line you see here will give you no Menace Activation so essentially anything top of the key in the back code and Below no activation so you see here I'm guarding the dribbler I'm crowding him and I can crowd him for the entire possession or 24 and it won't pop as long as it's below that red line top of the key but as he gets above that red line I crowd him again and you can see Menace immediately pop up so there's the activation divider right there and as the offensive player goes further up the court as long as he above that imaginary Red Line Madness will pop and last note before we move into the batch that is that Menace don't give you a better bumps so you can activate it and do all that but it's not going to give you better bump animation when it triggers as you can see in this position right here so then what this madness do well what it does based on previous years is lowers the offensive player attributes by one per batch level so bronze is one and then all the way the Hall of Fame will be four now we also heard rumors of people getting more Steals on ball handlers when they had manners active so we decided to do that test by having code unpluggable for the defender and then different levels of Menace and we tested each and as you can see from the difference in successful steel percentage from none all the way to Hall of Fame there's a slight difference there was also a bit of variance in the test as you can see gold is just a little bit lower but if you look at the overall percentage the difference is in minuscule we're talking 14 success rate at none and then if you have meta's Hall of Fame you're looking at 15 ish honestly for us we think the madness badge is not that great because you need to crowd the dribbler to activate it and if you're crowding someone it's going to be a rare contest and as you can see from the steel percentage the difference is small so let us know in the comment section how you feel about the batch and if you'd like to use men as yourself even though it activates a lot and do you feel like it's effective so we would love to hear your feedback on this and as always thanks for coming by and make sure you check out the website at for more information and I look forward to speak to you guys again very soon