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What impact does Shot Speed have on Greening More Shots?

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it's spill here and welcome back to another NBA 2K Lab video I know a lot of people are wondering why shot timing feels so inconsistent this year and it definitely feels like 2K made a concerted effort to make shooting just a little bit harder so in this video we're going to cover 14 different shot timings so you know what to expect when taking different types of jumpers if you're new to the channel don't forget to subscribe and without further Ado let's get right into it [Music] now as I mentioned in the beginning there's a bunch of animations or gameplay mechanics that change the timing of your shots this year so we decided to find out how much these mechanics are actually different from a normal standstill jumper so all these percentages that you'll see will be compared to the same normal standstill jumper now bases can have different speeds of course but for this comparison we'll be using an unnamed standstill jumper with a speed of 570 milliseconds and there's three shots from a standstill that don't change your timings and that's the normal jumper the Limitless range jumper and then shooting a jumper with no adrenaline boost in all of these situations all these shots require the same timing now as you can see though shots can speed up by being contested as per Mike Wang's tweet also getting a quick catch and shoot animation where you catch the ball close to your head can also speed up shot timings but it's not every time now it's not a huge difference but it will be noticeable when shooting and just for reference about every 20 milliseconds is about equal to changing your shot timing one tick in the custom jumper settings now there are some shots that will slow down your speed significantly when you're shooting standstill jumpers those include low stamina shots so if your stamina bar is blinking yellow your jump shot will be about 14 slower than normal not to mention the load ups that you may get are among the hardest to adjust to as they slow down your jump shot speed by about 33 percent or one third of your regular timing which is obviously a huge deal and I know everyone hates load ups but the next type of shots we're going to look at is the dribble pull-ups or what people like to call Fades and we analyzed a few different types of Fades and we tested dominant hand side pull-ups non-dominant hand side pull-ups we also tried them with and without turbo and found some interesting things now these fading shot speeds are specific to certain animations and can vary depending on the package you have equipped but this chart here is just for a general reference to show you how much shot timing can change as you can see fading toward your non-dominant hand side will be much slower than fading toward your dominant hand side now we'll be testing every pull-up jumper and have those speeds on the site for you soon for all those shot creators out there next we have straightaway pull-ups which were about the same as the dominant hand Fades and looking at these catchphades though although it is a bit slower than a normal standstill jumper and can still be very effective and maybe even quicker since you don't have to wait and stop you just shoot off the moving momentum now that's all we got for this video guys if you found it helpful be sure to leave a like and thank you for watching and spill I'll catch y'all in the next video later