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Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill welcome back to another NBA 2K Lab video in this video we're going to show you how to make an insane lockdown build but not only that we're going to show you a baseline of stats to Target to become a great lock while also giving you the freedom of creating it to your own play style I'm also going to show you my lock build and a couple other completed ones you're going to want to make sure you watch the whole video through because there's a lot of Minor Details that if you miss you might mess up your entire build a lot of time and thought went into this guide to give you the best possible build so be sure to like the video it goes a long way and if you're new to the channel be sure to subscribe and with that being said let's get right into it foreign [Music] video a little differently and I'm going to give you guys the base template as a 94 overall and then let you guys decide how you want to complete it now we have a couple different final builds we'll show you afterwards but to start we're going with a small forward which doesn't matter really but for the best lock in terms of attributes and badge tiers we're starting with a 6-8 build with a Max wingspan 7.6 and for the weight we're going with 191 to give us 85 speed and I always like to choose compact body style but that's mostly preference now to start for finishing we wanted to get 15 finishing badges minimum to be able to unlock tier 3 badges that's why we have a lot of finishing and the main thing here is that we're trying to get gold Limitless takeoff which requires 86 driving dunk but to get that badge on gold it's going to require at least 17 finishing badge points total so you can use your plus 4 badges from the quest to meet this threshold or use the leftover attributes we've provided you on this template now we have our close shot set to 76 in our driving layup at a 73 strictly for the badge points and then standing dunk was raised to a 54 for the extra badge Point as well and you'll also be able to unlock some standing dunk packages which can come in handy and are always nice to have next we have our shooting Baseline and we went with an 81 three-point minimum which unlocks gold catch and shoot so if you only plan on shooting wide open shots off the catch this could be a threshold to Target but keep in mind that at an 82 3 point you'll unlock Silver Deadeye and gold amps and if you want to be more of an aggressive shooter going to an 83 three-point will unlock Silver agent 3 and some other decent shooting badges but always be sure that you have enough badge points total to get what you want now just because the badge is unlocked doesn't mean you'll have enough badge points to get everything now me personally I'd like more shooting and I'll show you what I did on my personal lock build later in the video but for this build we're trying to make the ultimate lock now free throws seems slightly harder this year but still relatively easy so I think a 74 free throw will be plenty for our playmaking bass line we're going for a minimum of 75 pass accuracy to get the LeBron passing style which will ensure you get decent passes out without spending too much here now we wanted the 71 ball handle to get the extra badge point in bronze quick first step and left Speedway ball alone for now as a primary lock you're not going to be putting the ball on the floor much if at all unless you're on the fast break and typically competitive players will opt to skip ball handle and speed with ball so that's just something thing to keep in mind now on to the part you guys really came for and of course that is the defense and this build will do everything on defense especially at 6A it's going to be able to guard the perimeter hold it down in the paint when it needs to and of course we're making sure we have plenty of Steel so to start we're getting our Steel in the 95 for that gold glove and this badge is so good especially against players with low ball handle and no unpluckable and as you can see when we put up our steel our interior defense went with it so we're gonna push that to a 71 to get the extra badge Point next we're setting our perimeter to 92 for the gold clamps and setting block to an 83 which unlocks silver Pogo but we're really doing it for the extra badge point now this is the absolute minimum Baseline for Block but if you're making a real lock and you want to hold down the paint even more we recommend setting this to 93 to unlock gold anchor now one important thing to note is that if you remember Mike Wang's tweet he spoke about how driving dunk dictates how easy it is to block dunk attempts so having that high 93 block rating will of course give you a much better chance to block people with Pro and Elite contacts even setting your block to 87 to unlock Silver anchor would be a smart move if you're trying to find a solid Middle Ground moving on to the rebound and this is an interesting stat I was playing around with and as you can see we have more offensive than defensive rebounding and that's because offensive rebounding on a 6-8 is weighted less than defensive rebounding so it takes less overall to gain the same amount of defensive badge points that we need I wanted at least 25 badge points so I met that threshold by going with a 69 offensive rebound and a 66 defensive rebounding and one little thing to mention is that if you wanted bronze rebound Chaser it requires 70 rebound of either of those but as a 6'8 it's a tier 3 badge and it would be hard to swing with all the other badges you need as a non-bought lock and I would probably skip that badge in general but it may be nice to have just in case you wanted to switch up your play style for physicals I personally thought an 85 speed sounds really good on a 6 8 lock and I honestly don't think you'll notice much of a difference if you want to lower it slightly to get extra attributes elsewhere but for me that 85 speed is non-negotiable then I went with 75 acceleration which would be enough especially if you're not handling the ball for strength I went with whatever interior defense brought it up to which happens to be a 46 and then 75 on the vertical for pro contacts and then we went with 85 stamina as the Baseline now with these attributes on this build this base line lock build comes out to a 94 overall which leaves a ton of room to make this build exactly how you want it if you want more play making you can easily get to an 80 ball handle and Beyond or even more speed with ball if you want to be a secondary ball handler if you want more finish you can go for elite contacts or whatever you like but we're going to go ahead and finish this build to be a lockdown first and then I'll show you how I created one of my actual lock builds now we're going to get this to a 99 and to finish off the lock build we're not going to put any more into finishing but for shooting we'll probably need more badges to ensure we're knocking down our open shots now as I mentioned earlier if you up your three-point rating to 83 you unlock another badge point and some decent badges but the one we're looking for here is silver agent 3. now midis are pretty easy to hit this year but we're still going to increase mid-range to 76 for a total of 20 shooting badges which will be plenty for a knockdown shooter for playmaking we're just going to increase our speed with ball to make sure we're not slow on fast breaks and just to have a little more in general like I said before in a comp setting many high level players will completely skip ball handle and speed with ball and focus strictly on defense so if you'd like to do the same that's entirely up to you but for defense we're going to increase block to an 93 for that gold anchor and this is going to help a ton when stopping Rim Runners and really anybody under the basket our interior defense goes upward blocks we're going to put that up just a little more to get that extra badge point and the last thing we're going to touch is the offensive rebounding and we're putting this up to a 78 to give us a nice even 28 defensive badge points now if you really want a rebound Chaser on Silver it requires one of your rebounding stats to be 85 so you can finesse that if you want but your power forward and Center will likely be collecting those rebounds anyway since it's a tier 3 badge like I mentioned before it's going to be tough to swing those badge points when trying to get everything else I put the last Point into stamina as an 86 would be fine especially with Gatorades and workouts and if you really wanted more stamina you can lower your speed by one and get your stamina into the low 90s if you'd rather that and that is the final lock build feel free to switch things around if you don't feel like it fits your play style and get whatever stats you want and that's the whole reason we started with the 94 overall Baseline so you could customize it to your very own play style and if you're looking for the best jump shot for your build we have a jumper database as part of our premium service at where you can filter your height and three-point rating and then you can sort by the fastest speeds highest releases best timing impact all that good stuff and makes it very easy to find a jump shot that you might like now I'm going to show you the lock build I made that's a lot more versatile but it is at the expense of some defense now it's still going to be a great defender but to get everything it requires a little give and take of course and for starters I lowered my wingspan by one inch to seven foot five to unlock Silver Limitless range and we'll get into the shooting in just a little bit now the finishing category basically Remains the Same I'm gonna go raise my standing dunk to a 70. at 69 we get the extra batch point and at 70 we get access to different player dunk Styles and more importantly the pro under basket Rim pulls I went with a lot of standing dunk not because I really wanted it but because it's relatively cheap compared to the other attributes and I wanted the extra badge points so I didn't have to use any of my plus 4 to get the gold Limitless takeoff now for shooting like I said we went with a 7-5 wingspan to unlock Silver Limitless range with an 85 3 ball which is a considerable upgrade over bronze and as you can see from our test it makes Limitless range shots much more viable and then I increase my mid-range by one for the extra badge point and left the free throw the same as we move into play making I want it to be an effective dribbler on this build and get access to the sigs I needed so I went with an 80 ball handle and 75 speed with ball for the Michael Jordan dribble style and with this I get quick first step to Silver which is the most important and I also have access to Silver unpluckable And even clamp breaker and killer combos but as far as playmaking goes I think those thresholds are enough for what I wanted to do to get this versatility in a lock build I had to take away some defense so the interior defense is at a 71 like we had in the base template the perimeter defense and steel attribute I left the same so I have gold clamps and gold glove and as you can see I took away some block which is now an 83 which may be a little low for a lock but can still be effective it would have been nice to maybe get this to a 87 for the silver anchor but 83 gives me the badge point and seems like a decent middle ground for the way I plan on playing now for rebounding I went with a 78 offensive and the 74 defensive which are both badge point cutoffs for 6A players and it gives me the 27 badge points that I need now the physicals are pretty much the same and I really tried to maximize the attributes badge levels and badge points on this build and leave absolutely nothing wasted now if you wanted to opt for no ball handle or speed with ball like I mentioned earlier here's another 6 8 pure lock I made with 30 defensive badges which has a high pass accuracy for throwing absolute Steamers and it also gives bronze vice grip which can help secure the ball after steals rebounds and catches which could come in handy after ripping the ball from your opponent so if you're not worried about the speedway ball or ball handle you want to focus strictly on defense I think this build would be great for that now for takeovers I'm usually rocking Limitless range or spot up Precision for one of them and then for the other I usually like to Go Perimeter badge drop or extreme clamps I like to do a shooting and a Loctite combo now moving on to the badges I showed you guys three different lock builds so I'm going to keep it General and let you know the badges that you'll need to Target and the badges that I like so for finishing badges if you didn't get the 17 badge points total I highly recommend you put at least two of your plus four to unlock the gold Limitless takeoff badge that's literally the whole reason we invested a lot into finishing now the tier one badges are mostly preference but some that can work well would be rise up since we have decent standing dunk Giant Slayer might not be bad and acrobat are some of the better Tier 1 badges now in tier 2 we're definitely going to get silver Fearless finisher and you can change master to Aerial wizard if you plan on catching lobs and once you unlock the tier 3 badges we're going to court Limitless takeoff on gold and then go with our silver posterizer which will take up your 17 badges now for shooting badges you can switch it up here if you want but as a lock I'm gonna go with gold amp and gold Claymore as they'll most likely fit my play style the best being a lock but you also have access to Hall of Fame space Creator and other good badges so you can switch these around how you want to play for tier 2 badges I need my silver agent 3 to help with those stop and Pops Rhythm shots as well as my Fades and then green machine on bronze we're gonna go and core gold catch and shoot and then go with silver Limitless range to be able to shoot from Deep this was my personal lock build so if you don't have the silver Limitless range you could probably go with a silver Deadeye that'll definitely help you as well now when it comes to play making badges this is my versatile lock build with ball handles so I'm gonna go with hyperdrive on Silver and bailout on bronze is a must for me personally quick first step is on Silver of course and a badge that could really come in handy if you decided to make the build without the ball handle is the vice grip badge to help secure the ball after rebounds catches and loose balls like I mentioned just a minute ago I'm currently unpluggable and I'm going with silver clamp breaker but if you only have 13 badges like the first bill that we made something like this would be good you got silver vice grip bronze quick First Step bronze bailout for your tier one badges you could still go with hyperdrive and since you have rebound you can even throw on brake starter which could definitely be a smart idea then lastly for defense you'll want gold glove and gold Interceptor gold chase down and gold clamps they definitely want pick Dodger on gold and since this was my build and I only had 27 badge points I'll probably put these in something like Workhorse or box out Beast or even have my plus 4 here and go for bronze anchor or something like that but when making a log build it's probably smart to put the plus 4 all in defense as you're going to need all you can get but just make sure you have those 17 finishing badge points first because we built this build to be a lock with gold Limitless takeoff now that is all we got for the ultimate lockdown build guide hope you guys watch the whole thing through because if you just skim for the build you're probably going to be missing out on some crucial information as always I hope this helped you guys and if it did be sure to leave a like you know this video took a lot of hard work and a simple light could go a long way so with that thank you guys for watching it's Ben spill and I will catch you guys in the next video later