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How important is Timing Impact in 2K23?

Video Transcript:
what is good guys it is spill here back with another nba 2k lab video i've been hearing a lot of people are struggling with shooting so in this video we're going to take a look at some of the new shooting metrics introduced in nba 2k 23. more specifically we're going to be looking at the timing impact and release speeds to see just how much each letter grade affects your jump shot if you're new to the channel man be sure to subscribe and let's get right into the video [Music] we're going to start off by looking at the timing impact and in the first nba 2k 23 courtside report they had the definition of this and they said that timing impact adjusts shot windows to reward good timing at the cost of an increased penalty for bad timing now for being honest it sounds a lot like the sniper badge that was actually removed this year so we decided the best way to test this was to take 200 shots for every 5 milliseconds throughout the green window at an abc and d level of the impact timing these were all wide open shots on hall of fame difficulty with no badges at an 85 rating just for reference now looking at the chart you can easily tell the difference between the four grades now a and b seem like they're tier above c and d and the effects of timing impact seem to open up the edges of the green windows so while the sniper badge may have been removed it sure seems like the effects of sniper are still in the game although maybe not as strong but after looking at this test we think that timing impact and shot speed are the two most important shot attributes when creating a jump shot we also wanted to look at two different bases to see if the same a letter grade for timing impact made a difference and i'll give you guys a quick hint all letter grades are not created equally and let me explain so with the same test being ran we noticed the shots are pretty similar it's only two bases and we'll be testing a lot more throughout the year we assume that based on the results different shots will have different make percentages even if they have the same shot attribute great we also wanted to take a look at release speeds and we actually found a shot that could have an a-plus rating from slow all the way to very quick we wanted to see if there was a difference in those speeds even though they all say a plus as you can see even though every tick of release speed had an 8 plus rating the speeds of the shot can still vary so with that information we then check to see if two different bases that were both on very quick with an a plus rating had the same speed and now here's a graphic of two different shots that we tested even with the same shot attributes release speed and release timing setting shot a is actually about 20 milliseconds faster than shot b after running these tests we came to the conclusion that not all letter grades are created equally and there could be shots with lower ratings that are better than higher grades and we should have some of those on the premium section of but for now we're working on a project to analyze over 20 million combinations of base release one and release two on full speed so while we set this up we've begun uploading some of the best jumpers we've found and we have custom jumper options for every height now there's definitely a lot that goes into creating jump shots and it seems like 2k wanted to see a lot more jump shot diversity this year and of course nba 2k lab is here to help so if you've made it this far into the video comment the word lab in all caps down below i want to see who watched the whole thing through if this video helped you guys like the video turn these notice on and i will catch out in the next video later