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2K24 Best Shooting Badges: Green Machine

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2K24 Best Badges: Green Machine

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and in this video we'll be looking at how exactly the green machine badge works and how effective it is at each badge level in a game where it's green or miss the green machine badge actually proves to be very useful in helping green your shots now I know that's pretty crazy but the badge definition says that it increases the bonus given for consecutive excellent releases and in the past the significant Boost from the green machine badge typically comes on your third attempt after your second consecutive green release testing Green Machine isn't as straightforward as one might think because part of the make percentage increase is due to the fact that your shooting attributes will increase naturally as your player hits shots and builds up takeover so just keep that in mind so for the first part of the test I'm going to show you guys the make percentage of each attribute rating required for each level of the green machine badge now this is going to give us our Baseline and then after this we can then figure out the make percentage increase after each consecutive shot these numbers on the screen don't mean much until we see the rest of the results so let's continue after your first green make we can see the average make percentage of almost each badge level raised about 2 to 5% now we don't believe this is actual Green Machine boost but more so just the attribute increase from building up your takeover meter as we mentioned earlier in the video historically the majority of the green machine boost will occur after your second make so after hitting two consecutive green releases you can really start to see green machine working as the edges of the green Windows start to open up a little bit more making it much easier to green your Shots by your third consecutive green release your attributes are most likely maxed out and the Boost from Green Machine is now in full effect it should feel extremely easy to hit your shots at this point now let's talk about the effectiveness of each badge level after the second consecutive make when the green machine starts to kick in bronze isn't showing much effect as it's such a low rating but as we get to the silver level we can start to see that pure green window which is mainly due to the attribute rating but what you want to look at here is the edges of the green window Green Machine essentially expands that green window and once you get to the gold level you should start to really feel the impact of the green machine badge after your second green release at this point your third attempt will see an average of a 6% increase in make percentage at both early and later edges of the green window making gold a very effective badge level and then we have Hall of Fame which shows insane results as it should because it also requires a 95 3point rating the edges of the green window at Hall of Fame show insane make percentages and on your third attempt after two consecutive green releases there's a make percentage increase of up to 177% at the later edge of the green window which means the green window is expanding drastically so if you were ever wondering why some people hit heavily contested shots this badge is most likely the reason for that now your play style will dictate what badge level you should Target and if you're a c guard you'll most likely want the Hall of Fame level if you're three hunting now I think gold will be great for most Shooters and then the silver level can also be a good Target for locks and off ball players with a more well-rounded game bronze is fine but it's probably not worth targeting at such a low three-point rating now that is all we have for the green machine badge test and I hope you guys found this helpful and not too confusing this test was extensive and if you could drop a like for the effort it would be greatly appreciated if you want the full in-depth Green Machine badge stats you can visit our badge test page at thank you all for watching it's Ben spill and I'm out later