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Best Finishing Badges on 2k23

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Best Finishing Badges Tier List

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and welcome back to another NBA 2K Lab video in this video we'll be going over our finishing badge tier list for all builds in NBA 2k23 so to start this tier list since we're going to cover all the bases for each playstyle in this one video we're going to do it a little bit differently now the main tier list on the screen throughout the video will be mainly for dunkers but as I go over each badge I'm going to give a tier ranking for each playstyle on the right side separately and then at the end of it all I'll show all the tier lists if you're new here don't forget to subscribe to the channel let's see if we can get this video to 2 000 likes without further Ado let's get right into it so if you've watched our other tier list videos we always start at the bottom and work our way up so we're starting in the seats here here and we have back down Punisher so this badge is not great for dunk builds as you won't be posting up much of course but for post scores though it's definitely an S tier badge to help get off those drop steps and dream shakes a little closer to the hoop and for Biggs we have it in the a tier because it's still very useful knowing you can bully your way to the hoop maybe draw a double and kick out so it's still very much useful next we have dream shake and it's not ideal for athletic dunkers or layup build so we have it in the seat here for those types of builds but it can be useful for post scores when used effectively so for that reason we have it in the B tier if you work a lot out of the post and utilize these moves this badge seems to work better than last year and triggers more stuns we'll know more when we test this badge to see the effectiveness of the Boost in the stun rate moving on to the drop stepper badge and this is also not ideal for athletic dunkers or layout builds so we have this badge in the seat here but for post scores this badge is more in the a tier because when combined with strength and post control and your other inside finishing attributes it can work really well and be very effective send the Beats here for regular bigs though because you'll probably only feel the power of it if you have a good amount invested in your finishing now we have masher and this badge boost layups against Defenders that are smaller than you you shouldn't need to boost layups against smaller Defenders as those already go in more which is why we have it in the C tier especially for dunkers for Biggs and post scorers though we bump it up a notch just to the B tier as it becomes a bit more useful in more situations but it's still really not a game changing badge now we might catch some Flack from you guys on this next badge I know some people think it's really good but we have Pro Touch in the seat here and it only helps metered layups and doesn't help dunks so for that we have it in the seats here for dunkers but for layup builds we bump it up to the beach here as it can be useful but the Boost just isn't large enough to Warrant a higher tier when it comes to post scores though it can help a lot more on hook shots and for that we have it in the a tier moving into the B tier for dunkers we have the acrobat badge and this badge was of course made more for layup builds where it is an a-tier badge but it can be useful if you like switching up your finishes at The Rim we don't quite recommend this badge for dunkers as there's many other useful badges that you'll want to equip but it may not hurt to put it on to have some flexibility if you have a lot of finishing badges next we have aerial Wizard and this is a b-tier badge across the board it's nice to have kind of a luxury badge it's really not necessary though as oops are already pretty easy and pretty consistent this year a high dunk rating will typically be more than enough for you to finish almost every non-contact oop a decent badge but it's not a must-have by any means and it really wouldn't hurt if you skipped it this next badge is a highly popular badge this year and that badge is Bully known for dunk bills it doesn't make much sense tends to have it on as it's mainly a layup badge so for that we have it in the B tier the same for post scores but for layout builds we bump it into the eight tier as it becomes increasingly more effective with the more driving layup you have and when paired with badges like clamp breaker and fearless finisher maybe slithery for example it can work very well now for Biggs it's a c tier badge because you'll need momentum when driving to trigger it frequently and as a big you don't put the ball on the floor that often and if you do you're probably gonna get ripped so it's maybe not the smartest idea so for that it's in the seat here moving on to fast twitch and this is only for standing layups and standing dunks and you're most likely going to be using driving dunk as a high dunking guard but it's still useful in certain scenarios so we have it in the b-tier for dunk and layout builds for postcards and bigs though this badge bumps up to the S tier as it becomes much more useful and practical getting off quick standing layups and dunks as a big provides a huge benefit to taller players who primarily finish under the rim so this is definitely an s-tier badge then we have Giant Slayer and this badge only works for layup so for dunkers we have it in the B tier for the occasional change dunk attempt and with most ball handlers being really tall anyway Giant Slayer is definitely lost a lot of its Effectiveness if you're a small guard though on a layup build you should definitely use it and we have it in the S tier for those builds but you need to factor in how often there's a player on the opposing team that's four inches taller contestant now for Bigs and post scores obviously it doesn't make sense to have this badge being a taller player so we have it in the seat here now this next badge post spin technician can actually be effective as a dunker in certain scenarios so we have it in the beat here as well as for Bigs in case you were to pair a post spin Blow by into a dunk or something like that it's not very practical but it can be useful for layer builds it's in the C tier but for post scores it's absolutely an s-tier badge and it almost feels like you can get a blow by every time with the right attributes and a high badge level so for that reason we have it ranked very high next we have rise up and standing dunks are actually really good this year even if you're not a big but we have it in the B tier for dunkers because it's hard to go above this due to the frequency of usage being pretty low but when moving to post scores it makes more sense you'll find yourself under the rim more often so we have it as an a-tier badge and for Biggs we expect those bills to also have high standing dunk and be living under the rim so we have it as an S tier badge in terms of practicality in the usage you'll be getting out of it now for Fearless finisher we have it in the AIDS here even though the badge was made for layups sometimes your dunks turn into a contact layup whether you meant to or not and fearless finisher is the best badge to bail you out in this situation it will help convert those change dunk attempts into points and it's an eight-tier badge for all builds besides lab builds where it gets moved into the S tier for obvious reasons now this badge only works on layups of course and it seems to be one of the better finishing badges for most builds moving to the S tier we have Limitless takeoff and when you see this badge in action you can really tell that it works now this badge is one of the more practical driving dunk badges as it allows you to take off from further distances but just because the badge level goes higher doesn't mean you take off from further better badge level just gives a higher chance to trigger Limitless takeoff so getting this badge to at least gold would be ideal as you'll see it pop up much more frequently than the bronze and silver levels this badge was strictly made for dunkers so for all the other builds we have it in the sea tier make sure to pair this with slithery to help avoid unwanted animations when you're in midair another badge that works really well in tandem with Limitless takeoff is the posterizer badge and this badge is pretty selfish planetary you want it on any build with high dunking of course we have it as a b-tier badge for post scores as it can be used occasionally off post spins and drop steps but it's not very ideal for Bigs unless you have high driving dunk now lastly we have slithery and this badge feels so good and gives great animations for getting uncontested layups and dunks against Defenders that are in okay defensive position honestly I feel like it gives the benefit of the doubt when driving to the rim in those situations it works great for driving lab and driving dunk builds alike but we had to bump it down for post scores to the B tier since it requires more driving to the hoop and not so much posting up however for Biggs it's still an a tier badge as it can definitely help when slipping on the pick and roll in some other situations it's just an overall great badge and definitely one of the best when it comes to finishing now I'll leave up the tier list for each play style for a couple seconds you guys can pause the video if you want to check it out but that's all we got for this finishing badge tier list video I hope it helped you guys if it did leave a like and let me know in the comments down below your favorite Badges and anything you might change on this list it's been spilled and I will catch you guys in the next video later