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NBA 2K24 Durant Jump Shot

Video Transcript:
our custom jump shot green window database is continuing to grow so shout out to you guys and please feel free to comment your jump shot and also throw a thumbs up to any jump shot you see in the comment section that you want us to test the most also add a like to this video if you want us to produce even more custom jump shot content over here on YouTube so previously we went over a Pippen based custom but for today's video we'll be focusing on the green Windows Des of this KD based custom with a requirement of an 88 mid or 88 freep Point rating with a release plan of 62% jiren Jackson Jr and 38% Larry Bird on normal speed for height 610 and up and if you like to see our entire custom jump shot green window database you can sign up at and as a member you can also submit a custom jump shot test order monthly so by the letter grades this KD custom has a level defensive immunity and timing stability with good release height and okay shot speed not by the green window stats it's pure green window has a size of 15 milliseconds from 625 to 640 while its early and late potential green windows are kind of average with better numbers coming in at the early portion now in terms of rating we'll give this KD custom on the left three and a half stars out of five this is because if you compare it to the green Windows St and another custom we tested on the right here you can see it has a lower requirement of only 85 free point rating so that's free attribute Point save the pure green window size is the same however the custom on the right is much faster in terms of shot speed right it's P Green is from 615 to 630 so that's a lot faster than KDs and if you look at the potential green Windows the custom on the right once again wins out with much more stable early and late portions and if you're interested to see our entire custom jump shot green window stats database just come sign up at as always we appreciate you guys support so we can continue to do what we do and uh thanks for coming by feel free to leave your custom jump shot in the comment section or any questions you got I'm going to head back to the lap L and continue to test these custom for you guys so I look forward to talk to you guys again very soon