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Best Defensive Badges in 2K23

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and welcome to another NBA 2K Lab video in this video we'll be going over our defensive badge tier list for NBA 2K 23. this is our third tier list this year and if you want to see our in-depth shooting and finishing badge tier list we'll leave those in the description down below and if you want our play making badge to your list let's see if we can get this video to 3 000 likes now if you've watched our tearless videos before we always start in the C tier and work our way up to the S tier and for this particular video we're going to go over the defensive badges for guards on the main screen and then on the side we'll put the tier list ranking for Biggs so we can cover all the bases now before we get into the tier list though I want to give a quick shout out to my good friend wolf as he helped us put this list together and I also want to give him a big congratulations for joining the dev team at 2K I know he's going to do some great things over there so if you're watching this right now show some love for wolf in the comments now to start we have brick wall and as a guard this badge doesn't make much sense with screens seeming to hit pretty frequently this year and this badge is definitely not needed as a guard as a big man though this badge vaults into the a tier as it becomes infinitely more useful on a big man and definitely helps your guards get open now for Menace we have it in the seats here for guards as this badge requires you to be in good defensive position when the shot goes up now look can tested shots are already going in at a much lower rate this year and you don't really need to boost the contest of an already well contested shot now for Biggs it requires the player to be 610 or shorter so we have this in the C tier as this badge was made more for guards anyway next we have off ball pests and this is another C tier badge there's just far too many other good badges you should be equipping and this badge doesn't work great in the first place so we have it in the CTR for guards and Biggs now for pogo stick we have it as a c tier badge as it doesn't make much sense for guys to equip but for Bigs it's in the eights here and is a lot more practical it's a great badge if you have extra points to spend and it works on both rebounds and block attempts and when paired with fast twitch off an offensive rebound you can get a putback layout before the defender even has a chance to react and because of that badge Synergy we have it in the a tier for Biggs now the post lockdown badge obviously doesn't make much sense to have on a guard so we have it in the C tier but for Biggs it makes only a slight leap into the B tier post moves are a very Niche style of play and it's probably better to spend these badge points on something more important because with good timing and anticipation this badge isn't needed as much as you think moving on to rebound Chaser and for guards is obviously a CT or badge you can save your points and let the bigs grab the rebound but as a big it's an S tier badge and you'll definitely need it at the highest level to grab all boards you don't really need much explanation for this badge now finally moving into the beach here we have ankle braces and this patch doesn't seem to work as good as it did last year and with less people using the ankle breaker badge this badge loses some value and doesn't seem to be as necessary for Biggs it's a c tier badge as you'll be guarding the paint more than the perimeter so it obviously doesn't make sense for this badge to be any higher now next we have box out beast and I actually really like this badge for guards so we do have it in the B tier since it's very cheap to equip and can help your big secure the rebound that much easier now it's obviously not a great badge for guards but it can be useful if you have some extra points laying around for Bigs though it's in the a tier as it's a great badge to ensure rebound positioning and especially if you're a center with lower strength having box out beasts at a higher level will definitely help you from getting wormed now for Chase down artists we have it in the beach here for guards and even though Chase Downs were nerfed this year they can still be effective for guards that invest in a decent block rating now if you have no block this badge doesn't make sense to invest in even with a single badge point but for Biggs this becomes an S tier badge especially when paired with anchor it's going to allow you to get more aggressive block animations and you're also going to get a minor speed boost when trailing the ball handler so this is definitely an S tier badge for Biggs the anchor badge is a great defensive badge for all builds so we have it as our first a-tier badge for guards and it makes sense to invest in since it's a tier one badge for all builds six five and under provides an Intimidator effect so even if you have no block it can be worth equipping as a big though it's an edge to your badge and if you're trying to lock down the pane effectively you need to get this badge on as high of a level as possible next we have the Interceptor badge and this badge has always been a staple for defense and this year it's no different with it being in the a tier for guards but being six eight and under it's a tier 3 badge which makes for a very heavy investment the wise move would be to core your glove badge as a priority and then use those extra points on Interceptor after for Biggs if you have steel you should definitely be equipping this badge and for players 610 and up it's only a tier 1 badge making it one of the best bang for your buck defensive badges for Biggs now we have the pick Dodger badge and since screens feel really effective this year this badge is an absolute must-have for guards which is why it's in the a tier things obviously don't get screened as often so for that we have it in the C tier for those taller players now we have the Workhorse badge in the eights here and this is a great badge to have on especially for players focused on defense as it will help in those loose ball situations and give you an upper hand and gaining possession over players without the badge now we have it in the a tier for both pigs and guards but especially for big since it's a tier one badge for all builds six six and up and it provides a great return on investment now Challenger is an S tier badge for guards especially guards with a long wingspan and it helps provide a more effective contest now this badge is similar to Intimidator last year but of course they split the badge up into anchor and Challenger to differentiate the two for Biggs it's still in the B tier as it can be effective but you're more likely to be contesting shots in the paint than on the perimeter so for that we keep it in the B tier now these last two badges go into the S tier without question and as you can see we have clamps and glove and we'll talk about clamps first and obviously as a guard this badge is the go-to badge to lock up ball handlers and cut off driving Lanes not much really needs to be said about this this badge and you want this as high as it goes but when it comes to Biggs you need to be six nine or shorter to unlock this badge and there's definitely better badges to prioritize anyway so for that we have it in the C tier now the glove badge goes s tier of course without even thinking about it because Steels are obviously really good this year if you can get glove to at least silver it's definitely worth the investment on any build for Biggs though it's still really good but most don't typically have a high enough steel rating to take full advantage of this badge so for that we have it in the beach here now I'm going to put the full tier list for Bigs up now and feel free to pause it if you want to take a longer look that is all we have for this defensive badge tier list for guards and bigs if you made it this far in the video comment down below your favorite defensive badge and if this video helped don't forget to drop a like if you want our play making badges tier list like I said before let's see if we can get this video to 3 000 likes and with that being said I'll catch you guys in the next one