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Best Defensive Menace Build NBA 2K24

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NBA 2K24 Best Defensive Build

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody it is Spill here and welcome back to the NBA 2K lab channel in this video I'm going to be going over one of my favorite builds to use in NBA 2k 24 my hall of fame immovable enforcer lockdown build but this isn't your typical lockdown build as I gave it a 75 ball handle on top of one of the best badges in the game Hall of Fame immovable enforcer now if you didn't know by now immovable enforcer is one of the best if not the best badge to have on a defensive build especially if you have it on Hall of Fame it's going to help you stonewall opposing players and it works great with the other defensive badg that this build gets don't be fooled by the high strength and lock down mentality because this build gets some great shooting Badges and can shoot from three-point range and also attack the midi as well as a matter of fact taking these pull-up mid-range shots on this build will almost always fool the defense as I mentioned before I gave this build a 75 ball handle which many players don't expect allowing for some easy wide open shots after some nasty combos of course we can shoot play D and have enough playmaking to cook but we also have enough finishing to be dominant on back door cuts and finish strong if we need to this build has been one of my favorites for a reason as my primary primary focus is to lock up opposing players but also to be able to give out buckets when called upon be sure to stay for this whole video because I'm going to go through each attribute and let you know why I chose each threshold and also give some options to tweak this build to make it more for your play style I'm also going to give out the playmaking animations at the end as well so be sure to subscribe if you're new like up the video and let's get right into [Music] it just start out the build we're going with a shooting guard at 67 233 lb with a wingspan of 7 ft now for those of you that didn't skip to the final build immediately first off I appreciate you and comment lab gang down below to let me know but I'm going to show you the entire build anyways because there's a couple things I thought about changing so I want to get that out the way now typically for a lockdown build you want a Max wingspan but the way strength works with wingspan it's tough to get everything with a Max wingspan so for this build I prioritize speed and quickness at the expense of 4 in of that wingspan but I'll show you another build at at the end of the video that does prioritize wingspan starting with finishing the main thing here is obviously the 85 standing dunk standing dunks work really well this year and it's one of the best ways to score inside the paint an 85 standing dunk rating unlocks all packages for players 69 and Below giving you the best Arsenal to finish effectively being primarily a lock down build I'm mainly dunking off back door cuts and having this standing dunk attribute works perfectly for this type of situation I also gave this build a 55 dunk which unlocks the Klay Thompson dunk package which has some decent dunks off one foot I didn't touch anything else really in finishing but these attributes work really well for this type of play style now for the shooting on this build I wanted to be a three-level score so of course in NBA 2k 24 I had to put a decent mid-range rating on this build mid-range shots received a buff this year per Mike Wang's tweet and it would be wise to add this element to your game if it's not there already so we went with an 84 mid-range rating which unlocks gold mini magician to effectively hit our pull-up shots the dribble pull-up animation I'm using in this video is Kobe Bryant and it's very smooth so I definitely recommend trying that out for the three-point rating I went with a 79 because in our three-point rating video it showed good results which was likely just just due to RNG but to be honest with you I haven't upgraded past the 76 so in all the clips you're seeing in this video it's with a 76 3point rating and it feels pretty good so if I were to remake this build I would probably stick with that 76 that's also the threshold for bronze agent 3 and silver Corner specialist and then we upgraded our free throw enough to hit consistently now my favorite part about this build is the playmaking and the fact that I actually have some handles with the build being named a defensive Menace you can fool a lot of Defenders when you start to combo up I know a lot of people will say it's easy Steals and they're not wrong but at the end of the day this build is a lock down first and likely won't be seeing the best defenders every game not to mention with a 75 ball handle you at least get bronze unpluckable now for pass accuracy I went with a 77 rating for bronze needle threader and then I also get silver break starter since we will be able to get some rebounds now speed with ball Rises with ball handle and we don't exactly need it since we get Pro dribble style as a shooting guard anyway but Pro dribble style is one of the better dribble Styles in the game and if you're not a point guard or a shooting guard you'll need at least 70 speed with ball to access this so it's a nice little loophole if you want to call it that to help optimize the build moving on to the bread and butter of this build we have our defensive attributes highlighted by a 993 perimeter defense for gold clamps now I know a lot of people will be wondering why I didn't go for the 94 to get Hall of Fame Challenger ankle braces and Workhorse but at the time I was trying to maximize my build and for me personally I didn't feel like it was worth it but now that I've used my build and found out what works and what doesn't I'd probably Target it because I know what I could sacrifice on this build we also have a 91 steel for Gold Glove which we all know is pretty powerful and then gold Interceptor which works surprisingly well with the 7t wings spin I then went with a 77 block for bronze anchor which is quite literally the best bronze badge in the game I've been getting ridiculous snatch blocks with high strength on this build and I've been able to hold my own into the pain against taller players not to mention the 74 interior defense for bronze post lockdown my favorite part about the defensive attributes is the fact I have a 72 offensive rebound when I'm able to anticipate my teammate shots I have an 85 speed so I'm usually the first in the paint to secure the second chance opportunity mix that offensive rebounding with the high standing dunk and you can do everything yourself if needed now none of this is possible without the help of our physical attributes and as you can see we have a 95 strength for Hall of Fame immovable enforcer this is going to be the driving force of our defense and rebounding and this strength and badge combo will help you easily fight through screens harass the ball handlers and defend and box out bigger players now trust me when I say you'll definitely be able to feel the power of a movable enforcer all of our other physical attributes are maxed out with the exception of vertical which is a 63 which gives a silver rise up to couple with that standing dunk and with that we've created the 67 defensive Menace and it's by far the most fun build I've played on in 2K 24 because I'll always be able to affect game on defense and on top of that I can get Buckets when the defense least expects it here's a baseline version at of 97 overall it's not too much but it does have Hall of Fame Challenger and it gives you a little wiggle room should you choose to tweak something you can choose to increase mid-range to an 87 maybe to unlock Tracy McGrady base which has some of the best jump shot grades if you wanted more post control to get a higher unpluckable or even more pass accuracy you can do that it's always up to you then I made another version at 69 with very similar stats it won't be as quick as a 67 but it's very close and makes for an interesting option now of course these are just templates to give you some inspiration and we always encourage people to make builds for their play style I also mentioned I'd give out my playmaking animations for 75 ball handle so here they are on the screen and there's actually a lot of viable dribble moves at this rating as well so feel free to try and mix it up if you want but that is all we have for this extremely versatile lockdown build the defensive Menace I thank you all for watching if you like the video be sure to leave a like on the video it's Ben spill and I'm out