NBA 2K24 Best Shooting Badges + How to Shoot: Corner Special Video

2K24 Corner Specialist

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NBA 2K24 Corner Specialist Badge

Video Transcript:
in this video we'll be going over the corner specialist batch and we'll be showing you how big the pure green window is per batch level on top of that we'll also go over its early and late Edge make percentages with you in detail so to start here's the green window size between no badge and Hall of Fame and as you can see even from the shot meter the size discrepancy is clear but this is 2K lab so we're going to take an even deeper dive and look at the exact difference per batch level by the milliseconds and talking about milliseconds did you know that you can now plug in your controller at M then select the best shot base for your build and take as many millisecond feedback shots as you want to see which bases and releases are best for you come sign up on to use these tools so here's the P Green window of a 64 freepoint rating with no Corner specialist batch taking shots on the corner and as you can see the size is about 15 milliseconds while your chances of making your shots outside of it is not very great and now here are Corner shots taken with silver and bronze Corner specialist with their respective free point rating re requirement and you can see the pure green window has increased in size by a whole 10 milliseconds actually with silver being slightly little bit better than Bronze in terms of your ability to make the shot and when gold and Hall of Fame Corner Specialists are in play you can see the pure green window grows even further in size to now 35 milliseconds which is a whole 20 milliseconds more than no badge and 10 milliseconds more than bronze and silver and if you look at the chart gold and silver just stands out look at that size of that P Green window and if we isolate the chart to just between Hall of Fame and none you can see everything just stands out more that pure green window size is kind of Staggering and even that early Edge make percentage is outstanding like Hall of Fame just has a way better chance of going in at early Edge compared to none now for our recommendation silver is probably all you need because you're really not going if you're a corner shooter right you're not going to go to 85 even though the gold badge looks great CU if you're only shooting from the corner you're not going to go there but with silver though at least you still get that pure green window size increase compared to no batch so we will say Corner Shooters definitely go with 76 and get your silver Corner specialist and in the comment section please let us know what level of corner specialist you've been using or have you been using it other way even at higher levels and how you actually use it for that purposes and how you feel about the badge and if you enjoy shooting badge test just add us a like and thank you for your patience or waiting out on these these are not easy to do as shooting has changed a lot in 2K this year as a lot of mess of experience even from like a gameplay point of view so from a testing point of view it could even be more difficult but we appreciate your patience we will get more of these out for you guys as we do love doing these kind of tests for you and they're going to be here to stay it's just they're going to take a little bit longer to do per usual as always I appreciate you guys and make sure to come to for more information on the game and even free tools to help you out with your builds and I look forward to speaking to you guys again very soon