NBA 2K24 Best Dribble Moves for Builds with 95 Ball Handle U Video

2K24 Best Dribble Moves for 95 Ball Handle

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NBA 2K24 Recommended 95 Ball Handle Moves

Video Transcript:
what is good everybody this is COA and welcome back to another 2K Labs video now in today's video we'll be going over our recommended dribble animations for that 95 ball handle threshold and if these recommendations don't work out for you guys we also have every dribble animation in the game graded over on our website we also have been going over a lot of different ball handle thresholds here on YouTube so check out the channel if you're looking for more recommendations with that being said go ahead drop a like subscribe to the channel for more helpful 2K content like this let's go ahead and get into [Music] it [Music] starting out with the dribble style that every small guard is using this year the Kyrie Irving dribble style which requires a 90 speed ball and this is the animation that makes small guards so fast this year this dribble style speed boost towards the ball hand gives you a huge speed boost to beat your Defender another very popular animation for the small guards is the Steve Francis size up and when you pair the speed of the size up Crossover with Steve Francis with the speed of the the Kyrie Irving dribble style you guys will start to see a lot of success in your offense and moving on to one of my favorite moves the Isaiah Thomas regular breakdown combo this not only brings you forward but it's a really glidey animation so whenever you're moving forward towards the basket your Defender most of the time backs up so you can get a snatchback or a hop back into the play and this move is really good behind screens as well but moving on to the aggressive breakdown combo this is more per reference the Darius Garin aggressive breakdown combo now I really just like the look of his first two moves as you see that in between the legs into the crossover really Shifty to catch the defender off guard now this next clip I use this aggressive breakdown combo perfectly I do the two moves over here it fakes me going left the defender plays to the left and then I snatch back to the right giving us a three now onto the Escape moves we are still using the kmo Walker Escape moves package for the simple fact that his turbo crossover animation is just unbeatable in this year's game you see a crossover to the left I actually do have the shot there but I put in another turbo crossover using the kemell Walker turbo crossover to beat my Defender to the rim it's simply just a really good cross over and the speed boost off of it going towards the ball hand and towards your off ball hand are both really useful up next another favorite the James Harden combo moves and this one actually only requires an 80 ball handle I really like to pull this move out on overly aggressive Defenders whenever they play too high I pull out this James Harden combo move and it just puts me in front of the defender up next we are using the Kobe Bryant moving crossover and this moving crossover is really fast and you see a lot of the top small guards use this it's used really well in transition or even just getting that extra speed boost to your my player to help you beat your Defender up next The Undefeated behind the back Jamal Murray if you guys are tired of seeing this animation Tyrese Hal Burton wouldn't be a bad option here but the Jamal Amaray behind the back just creates so much separation between you and your Defender especially when those guys hunt for those three-point shots you can create a lot of Separation just off of this one simple move we are using that Penny Hardway spin move and for hesitation we're still using that Chris Paul hesitation Chris Paul's hesitation holds a really nice speed boost but even outside of his speed boost using his his hesitation his moving hesitation by itself can be a really good move to use now last but not least step back we are still using John Wall this move holds the best snatchback and the biggest hop back inside of 2K 24 but that is pretty much going to wrap up today's video with the 95 recommended dribble 6 but I want to hear from you guys what animations are you guys enjoying at that small guard 95 ball handle threshold and don't forget guys if you guys want a different look in scenery on your dribble animations we have every single dribble animation tested over on our NBA 2K Labs website so don't forget to drop a like subscribe to the channel for more daily 2K content and as always it's m Ken I'll catch you on the next one