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2K24 2K TV Episode 9

NBA 2K24 Best Jump Shot

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NBA 2K24 2KTV Season 10 Episode 9

Video Transcript:
he hey hey hey welcome to an all new episode of NBA 2K TV this week we're continuing our series on the community template builds with Shakedown oo and since he's here you know we have to talk those rise versus Elite standings yeah but first we've invited some NBA players to bring you some 2K TV interactive questions so listen up going in that [Applause] VC yo what's up guys it's tyres Maxi here today we're going to do some 2K TV interactive for some BC so I want you guys to answer this question how many points per game did I average last [Applause] [Music] [Applause] season [Music] if you answer 20.3 congrats enjoy your VC all interactive questions in this episode are presented by New Balance the latest New Balance 2A V4 will be worn by Jamal Murray and more New Balance athletes during the 2023 24 NBA season and you can wear them now now in NBA 2k 24 we caught up with a few of the players at a recent commercial shoot here's a look behind the [Music] scenes I think anyone would agree this roster would be a dream does it surprise you at what some of these Community people are doing out here in these affiliation streets absolutely not this is 2K this what we dance right here hey we go together you can we come together hey [Music] you New Balance we got now today we're joined by a very special guest he's one of the affiliation leaders for your rise not my Elite but he also has an influencer build in 2k2 24 Shake how you doing doing great man excited to talk about my Bild tell us what it is and what it does it's really a three LEL threat and it's an exciting build because number one if you're somebody who is has to make a bunch of different bills but maybe you don't you don't want to do that you just want to make one solid bill this is the bill for you like this is the kind of Bill that can be effective at all three levels and on both ends of the court I know you've been labbing up a lot of builds so I have this question for you what is it about this particular build that you submitted to be in the game what makes this one special cuz I know you got some nice things cooking up over there with them builds oh yeah the reason why this one is special because you can fit on any team that's the real good thing about it is that anybody would like to pick up a player that that has a build like this anyone that looks at this build is going to be like man how do I stop this guy because he can go to the rim he can shoot he can dribble and obviously he can play defense and that's one of the big things this year is being effective on defense you do not want to underestimate this build on defense you're going to really lose out and the real way he's the most effective is that he's a team player you can fit him anywhere on a team and he can be effective anywhere if you were to give this build an NBA comp who would it be in why I would say it's more like Paul Paul George in the sense that at 6'8 he can defend he can also score in bunches attack the basket he's got Elite ball handle as well so there's a lot of different things you can do with this build the the primary thing I want to mention is that if you're with rise and you can score three times in a row you get that heat check this is a build that can shoot from anywhere too so there's not really any limitations to what this bill can do now as you know shake some people bu build for different game modes you might make a build differently for Park than you will for w or proam so what kind of build is this one used for what kind of game mode would you use this build in I've tested this build in every mode you could go One V One play Lanes in the 2v2 with that 91 steel playing in the threes this guy 72 wingspan this is the kind of guy that's going to be a problem everywhere doesn't matter where you go Team Pro in he can stake corter knock down shots he can run an offense with that 75 pass accuracy and you can obviously play a lot of Defense there's really not a lot you can't do so do you have any one tip that you can give our community for this PG like build if you're on this build get used to using right stick Ripper you have a 91 steel you're 6'8 people like to dribble on you they don't they're not aware that you could just take the ball from them so catch them slipping and have fun you know it's funny Shake I remember Shake texting me this build and being like don't share this but I just found the build so now you're giving this to the whole entire community so people wanting to join Elite go ahead and make this great build so we can compete with shakes rise out there please do it cuz it's a great build this is a 2K TV interactive are you ready let's go which NBA team drafted me was it the Memphis Grizzlies the Utah Jazz the New York Knicks or the Atlanta Hawks [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] if you enter the Jazz then enjoy that [Applause] VC hey everybody Scott Mo in the building public address announcer of your Sacramento Kings welcome to season two of top plays it's time to toss up this week's top four check the ball let's go option A delivered by NADA in the wreck working far from the basket dribbles behind the back to the spinning throw down every Defender had a chance to stop the ball but they're filling up the rim and the stat sheet go go and get it over to the 2K League become a pro event with Jay Lok intercepts the ball and throws down on them all off the glass windmill blast you seeing this 2K League could be your next rookie sensation out here back into the wreck with likely TV who says you want it take it but then and you'll never believe this doesn't give it up splashes home a triple you know you think you can trust people and then bam oh [Applause] well last call from Chik creat some space for the fadeaway jumper to take the lead and with two seconds left on the inbound perfectly times the block to save the game [Music] so who you voting for The Jam the Block it's up to you send in your top play submissions with the hash 2ktv wow and your gamer tag and you might see yourself here on 2K TV now if you'll excuse me I've got some maintenance to do on the beam here in Sacramento each laser requires individual attention see you in honor of the NBA's inseason tournament my team is adding new cards for every NBA team that could evolve into more powerful versions of themselves starting today 30 Emerald players are available to add to your collection pick up all the players in the west and you'll have an amethyst Michael Porter Jr pick up all the players in the East and you'll have an amethyst Tyler hero collect both of them and you'll really take your team to the next level because you'll add the two-time MVP and reigning Champion to your lineup Diamond Nia yic on tournament days whichever player comes out on top as an evolution to their Emerald Card the next morning meanwhile keep adding to your collection and improving your lineups and we'll see you next time okay season one is in the books and Elite took the W just by a small margin so we are back with shake to talk affiliation standings what's going on shake with rise well rise we're coming into season 2 always ready to rise to the occasion we saw what happened in season 1 I think Elite took it 60.4% to rise this 56.4% so not that much of a margin I think we can make up that margin difference in season two for sure a lot of people that are inspiring others to grind just got to stay on the game keep playing keep winning yeah and this community is out here hooping in these affiliations yeah so let's talk about some of those performers yeah our guy ke sticks this guy put up 7400 games played last season he also had 78,000 points 11,000 rebounds and 2200 steals this is a guy who stays grinding and he's not going to stop look for to be one of the best Leaders Moving Forward in season 2 Shake does it surprise you at what some of these Community people are doing out here in these affiliation streets absolutely not this is 2K what else you going to be doing this is what you got to do you got to grind and you got to get some wins what can key sxs do with your build he be in god mode I know he's pretty much used to the build that he's on probably but at any level if he was on my build he would definitely be in God level mode for sure all right shake so here we are in season two the competition is picking up once again what advice would you give to players about coming and joining in on this fun affiliation rivalry number one tip you got to join rise heat check is the best thing going if you're struggling with your jump shot you're going to make shots get three buckets in a row heat check automatic three from anywhere trust me join rise that was a great answer Shake but we know it's about Elite about these rise rise needs to to the occasion because they are slightly trailing in season 2 currently win percentages are at 54.4% for elite and 49.3% for Rise you love to see it shake yeah I think things are going to change for season 2 moving forward we got to stay on the gind we got to start making the right builds now that we know what builds actually have success and then we can start racking up the wins be a lot easier to win that way I like that you mentioned the bill cuz these new influencer builds if everybody starts picking up the Shakedown build Elite could be in a little bit of trouble cuz I've seen what you do out there on the court Shake I you know I I'd be watching your streams picking up some notes giving it to my fellow Elite members well Shake thanks so much for joining us on 2K TV I'm excited about season 2 here and I know this rivalry is going to continue so we'll have you back on real soon buddy all right I look forward to it stay up and rise up can you give me one go Elite just one Victor wanyama is our guest next week we're learning French and and we're talking builds he is incredible they got something special down there in San Antonio they sure do and for more 2K TV make sure you're following us on social media we're at NBA2K 2ktv until next time enjoy the game go get some wins hey heyy hey hey hey